Tiffany Trump Wishes Brother Barron A Happy 13th Birthday Via Instagram, Shares Sweet Throwback Photos

President Donald Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany, isn’t typically as visible in Washington, D.C. — or amidst her father’s presidency — as her three older siblings. She is mostly doing her own thing while attending law school, but she does throw up some family-related shout-outs on social media from time to time. This week, she took to her Instagram page to wish her brother, Barron, a happy birthday — and she shared some sweet photos in the process.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier, Barron’s mom, first lady Melania Trump, shared some birthday wishes in honor of her only son as he became a teenager. It is said that Barron and Melania are quite close, and that they have a tradition of celebrating his birthday at Mar-A-Lago in Florida.

The Inquisitr also noted that the president seemed preoccupied with other topics throughout much of Barron’s birthday. President Trump was on Twitter throughout the day on Wednesday, but his youngest child’s birthday wasn’t something he mentioned among his various posts.

Luckily, Barron did get some love from at least a couple of his siblings throughout the big birthday, at least on social media. Tiffany took to Instagram and wished “B” a happy birthday. She added some balloon emojis and a hashtag of “lucky 13.”

Tiffany posted two pictures showing her with younger brother Barron. One was from their time supporting their father ahead of the 2016 election, captured at the Republican National Convention. The second photo appeared to be an older one that showed Barron posing behind a desk with their father, older siblings, and one of their nieces.

It doesn’t look as if big sister Ivanka or big brother Eric shared any birthday wishes or celebratory throwback photos via their social media pages in honor of Barron’s birthday. Of course, they may well have connected with their little brother via other means.

Big brother Don Jr. did share a shot via his Instagram page to recognize his youngest brother’s birthday, though. Donald Trump Jr. shared a shot showing a couple of his sons with Barron — President Trump present in the background, smiling at them. Don Jr. noted that they missed Barron and couldn’t wait to see him, and he shared his love in the caption.

Trump supporters loved both Tiffany and Don Jr.’s Instagram posts, adding thousands of likes and comments. Barron isn’t seen publicly all that often, but the last time he was spotted with the first lady and the president, it was clear that he had grown a lot in recent months. He looked every part the teenager he now, officially, has become.

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