PlayStation 4 Live Coverage Highlights

The PlayStation 4 Event happened today at 6pm EST, and here are some of the highlights of the event.

First off, the photos released this week on The Inquisitr were accurate as to what the DualShock 4 controller actually looks like. It features a touchpad at the top face of the controller, centered above the analog sticks. However, we’ve shown you that already.

What you might not have seen already is the camera. According to ARS Technica, the PlayStation 4 camera tracks the players’ movements much like the Xbox Kinect, but it also tracks the controller and other objects in 3D space for an enhanced player experience.

It was also revealed today that the PlayStation 4 is what Sony was aiming for with the PlayStation 3, but with the sudden rush to release a console and compete with Microsoft, they had to make do with what they could make available. PlayStation 4 is what Sony wanted in the first place.

The PlayStation 4 is an advanced, x86-based (32-bit) personal computer, meaning that it should be easier to develop for, solving a major issue game developers faced with the PlayStation 3. Sony is emphasizing ease over specs, following the trend of mobile technology instead of pushing for power. But fear not, true believers, this console is packed with the power you’re craving.

The PlayStation 4 give you the freedom of background downloading, something that some of the more powerful PCs do. However, it allows you to play the game before it’s even done downloading. That is something PCs have never done. According to TechCrunch, if you have your doubts about the game, you can just try the demo via the Gaikai Cloud.

The online personality of the player has been upgraded to actual video, allowing you to say goodbye to avatars and digital characters in lieu of showing the gaming public your true face. You’ll also be able to watch friends or “celebrities” play, something Twitter has touched on previously. Imagine the look on your friends’ faces as you “Pwn” them in real-time. Now stop imagining, because it’s going to happen.

You can also play your PlayStation 4 games with your PlayStation Vita. This will enable you to go mobile with your games wherever you can get a WiFi signal.

One major downside that may irk some PlayStation fans is that there will be no native PlayStation 3 backward compatibility. However, you can play them using your PlayStation Vita with Remote Play, according to GameSpot.

PlayStation Vita will allow mobile gaming via Gaikai Cloud

Every developer you’ve probably ever heard of is developing titles for the PlayStation 4, including the major players such as Capcom, Activision, Square, Sega, and Lucasarts.

The PlayStation 4 is set to launch in November at $429 and $529, which is a steep price, but it should come as no surprise to console launch veterans.

Are you excited about the PlayStation 4 details revealed at the live event?

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