Amy Schumer Reveals Hilarious Way Husband Chris Fischer Proposed In New Netflix Special

In her new Netflix special Amy Schumer: Growing, the comedienne is getting candid about a number of things — including her love life.

Earlier this week, Schumer’s highly-anticipated Netflix special dropped, and it certainly has not disappointed. In the special, Schumer talks about topics ranging from being pregnant to her relationship with husband Chris Fischer, and everything in between. And in true Amy fashion, the 37-year-old doesn’t hold anything back.

According to The Daily Mail, during one portion of the routine, Schumer shares the less than romantic way that her husband asked her to marry him. She told the audience that Chris’ “proposal was whack,” in part because he did it in the early morning when she was asleep — a time that she says that people in the nursing home probably get engaged. And when she sleeps, Schumer says she sleeps hard, just like a baby in the womb.

“So I’m in the womb, and he comes in and I just like took one ear plug out, I was like, ‘eh?'” she said, making a face indicating she had looked less than her best at the time. “And he just kind of threw the ring box at me and he goes, ‘I got you this,'” she explained.

“And I open it and he goes, ‘Do you want me to get down on one knee?’ And I’m like, [she paused, making a face like she’s thinking about it] ‘I guess not.’ And then I went back to sleep. That’s the truth.”

During the special, Schumer did get candid about her husband’s recent diagnosis. As The Inquisitr shared, the expectant mother confessed to the audience that her husband is actually on the autism spectrum. She discusses with the audience what it’s like to be married to someone who is on the spectrum in one of the more vulnerable parts of her routine.

From the very beginning, Amy says that she knew that her husband’s brain was a little bit different than hers — but that’s one of the reasons why she fell in love with him. Early on, she knew that there were some signs that he was different, including a reaction that he had when she fell. Whereas most people would say, “Oh my god, are you OK?!” Fischer’s reaction was slightly different.

“He kind of froze and became a lighthouse, opening and closing his mouth,” Amy explained. “I remember lying on the ground looking up at him and I wasn’t mad, I just thought, ‘Huh.’ Lotta ‘Huh’ moments, you know?”

But she ended the story on a sweet note, saying that whenever Chris has something on his mind, he says so. He seemingly doesn’t care about social norms or acting a certain way, and that is one of the main reasons why she fell in love with him in the first place.

Amy’s special Amy Schumer: Growing is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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