Michael Jackson Believed He Could Heal Hitler, Claims Rabbi Friend Of The King Of Pop

Michael Jackson once called Hitler a “genius” and claimed if he were given an hour alone with the diabolical dictator, he could have “healed” his heart, claims the late singer’s old friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

The Sun reports that the rabbi made the extraordinary claim in the wake of Jackson’s death. He also claimed that Jackson had an obsession with rare Nazi documentaries and kept a stash of them at Neverland. Even some of Jackson’s outfits were apparently designed to resemble that of Nazi soldiers, it has been alleged.

With every passing day, a new a sordid allegation concerning the King of Pop is dragged into the light, so nothing should surprise us anymore. Jackson’s comments about Hitler and the Nazis were made during interviews he conducted with Boteach.

In the wake of the pop icon’s death in 2009, Boteach went public with tapes and published a book called The Michael Jackson Tapes based on their discussions together.

In one interview, Jackson was quoted as describing Hitler as a “genius orator” and felt he was something of a fellow “showman.”

“To make that many people turn and change and hate, he had to be a showman and he was,” revealed Jackson.

Boteach asks Jackson if he had an hour alone with the Nazi dictator, could he “somehow touch something inside of him?”

Jackson allegedly replied, “Absolutely. I know I could.”

Boteach is keen to stress that Jackson despised Hitler and what the Nazis did, and it was little more than “hopeless naivety” on the singer’s behalf to think he could “heal Hitler.”

Nevertheless, The New York Post formerly reported that with the help of Nazi memorabilia seller Norman Scherer, the “Thriller” hitmaker was said to have acquired a “really good collection” of rare Nazi films and documentaries.

Jackson was said to be fiercely proud of his collection and gave the films, which boasted such titles as Nazis – Of Pure Blood, Oasis of the Zombies, and Hitler’s Children, pride of place in his video vault at the Neverland ranch.

Scherer said, “Michael Jackson was a very special client to me.”

In 2016, The Daily Mail reported that Lady Gaga came under fire for attending a Hillary Clinton rally in what social media users believed was a Nazi uniform.

It later transpired that the uniform in question was a black-and-red military-style garment which was previously owned by Jackson. This led some social media users to speculate that Jackson was also a big fan of the Third Reich look.

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