UFC Star T.J. Dillashaw Tests Positive, Relinquishes Belt

T.J. Dillashaw, a UFC bantamweight belt holder, posted a shocking admission to his Instagram page on the morning of March 20. In his social media post, Dillashaw admitted that he had failed a drug test that was given to him for his January flyweight title fight when he went head-to-head with Henry Cejudo. Since Dillashaw did not pass his drug test and admitted he wanted to be honest with the public about his failings as well as be fair to the other fighters, Dillashaw decided to relinquish his belt. Dillashaw stated that he still has a vast amount of respect for his division and the UFC.

The failed drug test was overseen by the USADA, a company that partners with the UFC to ensure that the fighters stay clean. Dillashaw was told that his test results demonstrated an “adverse finding,” according to the Bloody Elbow News.

Since failing his drug test, Dillashaw has issued several social media posts explaining his situation and apologizing to his fans. However, one thing that Dillashaw hasn’t been forthcoming about is what, exactly, made him fail his drug test. Dillashaw has not disclosed what type of substance he tested positive for after he lost the January 19 fight at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The only specific comments Dillashaw shared about the test was admitting that he is disappointed and busy trying to comprehend how he failed.

“To all my fans, I wanted to be the first one to let you know that USADA and the NYSAC have informed me of an adverse finding in a test taken for my last fight,” Dillashaw said, according to TMZ.

“While words can’t even begin to express how disappointed I am at this time, please know that I’m working with my team to understand what has occurred and how to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. Out of fairness and respect to the rest of my division, I’ve informed the UFC that I’ll be voluntarily relinquishing my title while I deal with this matter. I want to thank all of you in advance for the support.”

As a result of the failed drug test, Dillashaw received a one-year suspension from the New York State Athletic Commission. He also received a $10,000 fine. However, the repercussions for Dillashaw may not end there since he can still receive sanctions from USADA. While Dillashaw has voluntarily offered to relinquish his belt, there has been no word yet from the UFC on this matter. Also, the failed drug test is the first time that Dillashaw has been accused of cheating during fights since Cody Garbrandt last accused Dillashaw of deceit.

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