Felicity Huffman Court Date In College Admissions Scandal Pushed Back

Last week news broke that famous and well-off parents had been paying bribes to prominent universities across the country to get their children into college. Those bribes ranged from replacing entrance test scores, having someone talk their children through entrance tests while they took the exam, or having them accepted on all manner of sporting code scholarships their children have never even participated in.

Actress Felicity Huffman is one of the 50 people who have been brought up on charges as a result of their involvement in the scam. While Huffman was set to appear in court alongside fellow actress Lori Loughlin and others on March 29, ABC News reports she has been granted a stay of execution of sorts.

According to the publication, Huffman’s court date has been pushed back to April 3 at the request of her legal counsel, who has stated he will be out of town on the previously set date of March 29. The judge was prepared to grant Huffman a later court date as a result of the request.

The Desperate Housewives actress has been accused of paying $15,000 to allow her daughter to cheat on her college entrance exam. The payment was disguised as a “charitable donation” to cover her tracks.

According to the Intelligencer, it’s thought that Huffman’s daughter did not know at the time that her mother had bribed her way into the university, as Huffman’s cheating scheme was to have her daughter’s answers corrected after she had taken the SAT exams. Huffman further made sure that her daughter was able to take the test over two days instead of just one, giving her more time to complete it.

It was only Huffman’s elder daughter whose scores were manipulated, as the actress felt her younger daughter would want to take the test twice regardless of the scores that she got from the first test.

It would also appear that Huffman’s husband, William H. Macy, might have been unaware of what his wife was doing to ensure their daughter’s admission to college. Macy himself has not been brought up on charges in the scandal, per a previous report by The Inquisitr, and the sudden strain on their marriage might indicate he was not involved in Huffman’s bribery scheme.

Macy had previously praised his wife as being “by far one of the smartest people he’s ever known,” but this scandal has rocked the family. The actor is particularly concerned with how the scandal will affect both his and his wife’s careers once the dust settles.

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