Tyrone Crawford Bar Fight Footage Shows Cowboys Star Attacking Bouncers

On March 15, Tyrone Crawford, the defensive captain for the Dallas Cowboys, visited the Coyote Ugly Saloon in Panama City, Florida with a few friends. While there is a lack of clarity surrounding exactly what took place that night, video footage demonstrating Crawford and his associates fighting while inside the bar was released to the public today, according to TMZ.

The March 15 footage from the Coyote Ugly Saloon shows the 6’4?, 280 lbs. Crawford brawling with several of the bouncers working at the bar. Crawford is clearly in charge during the altercation, and he seemed to have no problem beating down a few large members of the bar’s security team. By the time the fight was over, many of the bar staff members were injured, including one bar worker who experienced a broken foot. Crawford does not appear to have been harmed during the altercation.

Currently, there is a lack of clarity surrounding what occurred to ignite the brawl in the first place. However, it’s obvious from the video footage that the altercation intensified quickly. Four large bouncers were attempting to hold Crawford back and restrain him. However, Crawford was far too strong for the four of them to handle, and Crawford had no problems overpowering all of them. In the video, he is seen punching some staff members powerfully, and he had no problems taking down people that tried to control him, according to the New York Post.

When Crawford first runs into the bouncers, who are all wearing red shirts in the video, they are teaming up against him. Crawford manages to get free from one trying to hold him back. Crawford then punches another one of the security guards so hard that the security guard winds up on the floor. After that, the bar battle winds up outside of the bar, and that was when police were called. However, when the cops arrived, Crawford did not stop, and turned his anger onto several police officers as he continued to brawl.

As Crawford continued to engage with the police, he ran through at least two police officers. After that, Crawford pushed two different cops who were in the process of arresting somebody else that was also fighting inside of the bar. Although Crawford appears to have been intensely involved in the brawl, he was not arrested, and he hasn’t been charged with anything, according to TMZ.

However, just because the police haven’t charged Crawford with anything doesn’t mean that he is off the hook completely. Crawford still has to deal with potential repercussions from the NFL, who has already started an investigation into the fight. If the league feels Crawford has broken their Personal Conduct Policy for the bar brawl, then Crawford could face repercussions from the league.


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