Bridezilla Terrorizes Bridesmaids With A Crazy List Of Demanding Rules And Regulations

A wedding is a big day any way you slice and dice it, but when you’re the star of the show and all eyes are on you, it can make a bride to be a tad nervous, if not a little neurotic.

In other words, the blushing bride can soon become a bug-eyed and frothing at the mouth control freak, with more in common with a narcissistic tyrant about to declare war on a small and peaceful country than a wild-eyed beauty about to embark on a great adventure with her significant other.

Weddings can bring out the best and worse in us all, but for one lucky lady soon to be taken up the aisle, the stress of the big day appears to be spilling over into incessant and, some would say, insane demands upon her bridesmaids.

The Mirror reports that one Bridezilla’s list of 12 rules for her bridesmaids has gone viral because it is so, how shall we say, bride-like. The list, which was thought to be written by a bride ahead of her big day and is entitled, “12 Rules Every Bridesmaid Should Live By,” has also sharply divided public opinion as to whether the woman in white is in the right or in the wrong.

Let’s take a look at the little lady’s demands and decide for ourselves, shall we?

First off, the bride wastes no time in setting up stall as she warns her ladies in waiting that, “You’re not just a bridesmaid: You’re a therapist, personal shopper and straight up back-haver.”

It gets worse!

Bridesmaids are told that on no account should they complain about the dress they have to wear unless the bride in her divine wisdom finds fault in it. They are also commanded to fill their bellies before the wedding so they don’t make a scene when copious amounts of alcohol are consumed at the open bar. She also instructs them they’re on lipstick patrol for the bride for the entire evening and should not in any circumstances be drunker than the bride.

The bride also orders her fair maidens to dance with the least attractive, single groomsman at least once and that their problems do not exist on her big day, so no whining is allowed.

And if any of the bridesmaids see their main woman trapped in a conversation with a “chatty” relative they are ordered to “take one for the team.”

The jury is still out on if the bride’s demands were the work of a psychopathic personality type or just a sweet-hearted gal who wanted to ensure her big day didn’t suffer from any unnecessary hiccups.

One commentator was particularly harsh and snapped, “I hate it….you’re a bridesmaid, not a secret service agent, Chill out.”

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