Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Willow Make Plans To Bail On Port Charles Due To Shiloh’s Presence

Viewers are finally getting to see more about the connection between Shiloh and Willow, and General Hospital spoilers hint that the teacher will be fully frantic during Thursday’s show as a result of learning that Shiloh has set up shop in Port Charles. Just as her romance with Chase is taking off, she’ll make brash moves that could change everything.

Even before Willow’s tattoo was revealed last week, fans had started to speculate that she might have a prior connection to Shiloh. General Hospital spoilers had noted some time ago that it would be revealed that he had a surprising connection to someone in Port Charles — and now all of the puzzle pieces are fitting together.

The Inquisitr shared earlier that Willow would be rattled by something during Wednesday’s show, and that moment came when she overheard Michael talking to Chase about Shiloh. Now, previews for Thursday hint that she will waste no time in trying to leave Port Charles before Shiloh can find her. Soap Central signals that she’ll make some impulsive decisions, and viewers can see where this is headed.

Willow made a call to terminate her lease immediately, and it looks as if she’ll cross paths with Valentin and Nina during Thursday’s episode. As fans know, Willow and Nina haven’t exactly connected with one another, and the teacher will be bold in saying that Nina’s going to get what she wanted now.

This is surely referencing the idea that Willow is planning to quit her job and move somewhere else immediately. While it’s not clear how Willow is stopped before carrying out this rash and sudden plan, General Hospital spoilers signal that she’ll ultimately be sticking around.

Unfortunately, Shiloh overheard Michael mentioning Willow to Kristina — and now he knows more about how to track her down. Fans have suspected that Shiloh will turn out to be the man who got Willow pregnant, and it’s certainly looking that way.

Of course, if Willow were thinking clearly, she’d probably reach out to Chase and break all of this down for him. She’s clearly terrified of Shiloh, and likely has plenty of information the authorities could utilize in dismantling Dawn of Day. General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps tease that it may take some time for her to go this route, though.

When Friday’s show airs, viewers will see Willow startled by something or someone — and during next Monday’s episode, she’ll be confessing about something in addition to coming clean to someone. Will she tell Chase everything, or will she perhaps be confronted by Shiloh — then pushed to tell him what’s happened? General Hospital spoilers hint that this will be an enticing and intense storyline as it moves forward, and fans are curious to see how wild things will get.

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