John Legend Is Taking Swimming Lessons For The First Time Since He Was 5 So He Can ‘Live In Less Fear’

He may not be Michael Phelps just yet but singer John Legend is currently working on his swimming skills.

The Voice coach recently shared with People that he is taking swimming lessons for the first time in 35 years! Last time Legend received a swimming lesson was when he was just 5-years-old but this past January, the 40-year-old says that he was inspired to try and keep up with his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and his two kids – Luna and Miles – in the pool.

It started off with Luna getting swimming lessons, and Legend shares that she really got him excited to take a lesson of his own. Miles is also taking swimming lessons even though he’s just 10-months-old, and John is thrilled to be joining in on the fun. While Legend says that he isn’t yet where he needs to be but just in the last few months, he’s a lot better swimmer than he was. He also shared that now he is excited to get in the pool and is having fun along the way.

“I was never afraid to go in the pool, but I was afraid to go in the deep end. I’m happy that I’m able to live with less fear and be able to swim with my kids. It just opens up a lot more opportunities. I just want to be comfortable in any water settings. So if we’re out on a boat on the ocean, if we’re in a pool, no matter where we are.”

John has been updating fans on his swimming progress, most recently sharing a video of himself doing the freestyle stroke on Twitter. In the caption of the video, John tells fans that his freestyle stroke is improving. So far, the video has earned the father of two a ton of attention with over 450 comments and 8,600-plus favorites. But even though he seems to be killing the freestyle stroke, Legend still admits that he has a little bit of trouble just floating in the water.

“It’s also just kind of counterintuitive,” he said. “So many things you have to try harder, and with floating you have to relax better. You have to learn that it’s okay and you can relax and breathe easy.”

And while he is working on his swimming skills to better himself, The Inquisitr also recently shared that he is working on eating healthier as well. After chatting with a doctor, Legend was told that he needed to add more antioxidants to his diet because of hereditary cholesterol issues. John’s solution? Add greens to every meal, including breakfast. Now, John enjoys a salad for breakfast and has also added something green to lunch and dinner.

At 40-years-old, John Legend is living his best life.

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