Dress Like A Disney Princess Everyday And Get Paid For It? – One Family Is Willing To Give You That Job

There are so many people out there who love Disney, and it’s hard not to get in on the fun when you see it. Many young girls, and some of the girls who aren’t so young any longer, dream of being a Disney Princess at some point in their lives. Well, one family in the United Kingdom actually wants someone to be just that for their kids and they’re willing to pay someone quite well for part-time nanny work.

Insider reports that a British couple is looking for someone to come into their home and be a part-time nanny for them. They aren’t exactly looking for Mary Poppins to arrive and take care of their 5-year-old twin girls, but they would like the candidates to be well-versed in Disney.

The couple wants someone to watch after their children as a regular nanny four days a week. As per the job description, they will need to pick up the twins four days a week from school, cook dinner, bake, sing, play games, and do all kinds of Disney-themed activities. Some nights, they will be asked to stay late enough to put the twins into bed.

It’s a part-time job which has a salary of $53,000 (£40,000), and it sounds like a pretty incredible gig. On top of all that, your work uniform will be provided for you as this part-time nanny must dress like a Disney Princess at all times while on the job.

The person who ends up being hired by this family will need to dress permanently as a Disney Princess while on the job, but they won’t need to worry about finding costumes. All of the costumes and dresses will be provided for the family to turn the new nanny into Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, Ariel, Moana, Rapunzel, and many others.

It appears as if the family actually has a very strong goal in mind with this whole thing, and it isn’t just to appease the love of Disney their children have. Both of the parents hope that the new nanny will teach the twin girls about strong female role models while also adding in important life lessons.

“We know this isn’t a normal request for nannies, however, we think it would be a great way to teach our girls about things like determination, compassion, fearlessness, and ambition from strong yet relatable female role models like Princess Tiana, Princess Anna, Belle, and Cinderella.

“We are looking for someone who can commit to a character and create a really fun atmosphere in our home, but also won’t be afraid to be a disciplinarian if the twins are naughty or act out — they can be little terrors at times!”

Now, someone won’t be able to fake it very well on this job as the family is well-versed in Disney and wants their nanny to be the same. Dressing up as a Disney Princess isn’t just putting on a costume, but it’s knowing the virtues, history, and strengths of each of the young woman who can mold young minds and lives.

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