‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Wednesday: J.T. Goes Berserk

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday, March 20, brings calamity for the first day of spring and the first day of the show’s new head writer, Josh Griffin. J.T. terrorizes Victoria, Nikki, and Sharon. Plus, Phyllis follows Billy, Christine questions Rey, and Jack plays games with Kerry.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Victoria (Amelia Heinle), and Sharon (Sharon Case) were spooked by unusual sounds. Victoria heard a noise and opened the door and called out for the guards while a uniform wearing J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) hid next to the two guards he knocked out. Although the women worried about their safety, they all agreed that they’d rather be at the Abbott cabin than prison. Then, the lights suddenly went out, and Victoria heard another sound, which was J.T. destroying Victoria’s cell phone with a gun. After the exertion, J.T. grabbed his head, and inside, the women picked up items to defend themselves. Ironically, Nikki picked up a fireplace poker.

Finally, Victoria opened the door and yelled out for J.T. He got inside the house, and according to The Inquisitr, he explained how he escaped being buried alive because of a broken drain pipe. J.T. had followed their prison transport van, so that’s how he knew where they were. He made Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon tie their hands and feet together with zip ties. An obviously hurting J.T. ranted about how awful it was to be buried alive, and Nikki told him that she had to protect her daughter. Then, Victoria tried to get J.T. to think of their son Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu). J.T. continued to complain about his head, and Victoria wanted to get him to see reason, but then, he hit the fireplace and started a gas leak. He passed out, and the women choked on the fumes.

Elsewhere, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Billy (Jason Thompson) worried that J.T. didn’t take the bait. Billy also worried about Rey’s (Jordi Vilasuso) commitment to helping the women escape. Christine (Lauralee Bell) questioned Rey’s loyalty to the Genoa City Police Department, and Rey suggested she ask her husband, Paul (Doug Davidson), about his commitment to the job. Christine told Rey that sometimes personal reasons led to good cops bending the rules. Rey vowed to always be on the side of justice.

Nick showed up at the GCPD to talk to Rey, and then Victor (Eric Braeden) barged in yelling about finding his wife and daughter. Rey and Nick quickly pulled Victor into a room and told him what was happening. While Victor explained that they could not trust Rey, Nick reassured his dad that they’re safe. However, when they tried to call the women, they couldn’t get through. Christine came in asking questions of the men in the room, and they covered. Christine still didn’t seem convinced.

Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) showed up at Victoria’s and questioned Billy about the women. He tried to make her leave, but instead, she followed him to the Abbott cabin. Outside the cabin, they ran into each other and Billy wasn’t happy. He told Phyllis to leave, but she refused.

Finally, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Kerry (Alice Hunter) babysat Victoria’s kids. During their time together, Kerry asked about Dina (Marla Adams), and he told her that Dina is struggling. Later, they went upstairs to “play.”

Y&R will return on Monday, according to The Inquisitr. The show will not air on Thursday and Friday this week due to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

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