Meek Mill Gets The Key To The State Of Connecticut For His Prison Reform Activism

Meek Mill has long been an outspoken advocate for criminal justice reform. Currently, Mill has been traveling throughout the United States on his government recognition tour. Meek’s tour is his effort to educate others about the need to restructure America’s criminal justice system. On March 19, Meek was preparing to perform at Hartford, Connecticut’s XFINITY Theatre, where he wound up receiving two incredible honors from Connecticut state officials.

While Meek was still getting ready backstage, Rep. Brandon McGee spoke with him, and covered the two honors Meek was being awarded. First, McGee gave Meek a key to Connecticut, and next McGee informed Meek that a state-level proclamation from the Nutmeg State named March 19 of each year “Meek Mill Day.” Both of these Connecticut state honors were awarded to Meek in recognition of his hard work as an advocate for criminal justice restructuring, according to TMZ.

Connecticut also recently passed new legislation that focuses on criminal justice reform, including a bill that would allow convicted felons on parole to vote. For Meek, it’s an important move that proves progress is being made.

While Meek appreciated the two honors that McGee presented to him, the recognition from Connecticut hasn’t been the only tribute paid to McGee by the states he has traveled through. In fact, Meek, while on his current Motivation Tour, has been honored with “Days” named after him throughout the country due to his powerful activism focusing on restructuring the criminal justice system. In Philadelphia and Houston, Meek was given honors similar to what he received in Connecticut.

Plus, in January, Meek also introduced his REFORM Alliance with Jay-Z and a bevy of other famous names. Meek’s REFORM Alliance is an organization aimed at utilizing a different approach to fight for criminal justice reform. REFORM Alliance hopes to get at least a million prisoners back into society within the next five years through parole and probation. So far, the organization has raised $50 million, according to TMZ.

“When people are trying to turn their lives around, we should throw them a lifeline and not an anvil,” the CEO of REFORM Alliance, Van Jones, said according, to TMZ.

“To often when people come home from prison, if they’ve done well on the inside, they’ve taken classes, they’ve gotten certificates, they think they’re going to come home and do well, and they find doors closed in their faces. And the only door that opens is the door back to prison, and that’s wrong. And we can do something about that. This is supposed to be a country that loves the underdog, loves the second chance, loves a comeback story.”

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