‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Shows Off Trim Physique In Latest Instagram Update

Theresa Caputo has been putting in long hours at the gym, getting “mother of the bride” ready in anticipation of her daughter, Victoria’s wedding — and it shows. The Long Island Medium took to Instagram to show off her trim physique while revealing that she was taping a “surprise” for the upcoming season of her popular reality series.

For the snap, Caputo wore a pair of body-hugging jeans and a black top, which she tucked in. The skin-grabbing number showed off her toned body and trim waist, and she accentuated the look by wearing a tailored blazer. The fun, black garb featured hand-painted smiley faces covering the fabric in silver, and Caputo accentuated the metallic touches by accessorizing with matching bangles and several chunky rings.

Caputo wore her honey-colored hair in her signature, tall poof, which she teased high and had the ends curled in to frame her face. She wore sweeps of bronzer over her cheekbones, and a bright shadow to make her blue eyes stand out. Caputo topped the look off with a heavy flick of mascara, and a shimmery, pink lipstick.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Caputo has had already been having some fun while taping the newest season of her reality show. Last month, Caputo sat down with Kim and Khloe Kardashian on the anniversary of the death of their father, Robert’s. Both Caputo and Kim Kardashian shared photos of the meeting, and both women rocked bright white outfits and gushed over the opportunity to sit down together.

Caputo shared that Kardashian was one of the “most genuine” people she has ever met, and thanked her for allowing her to spend time with her family, and connect with the spirits watching over the Kardashian clan.

Aside from the intimate moments that Caputo has had with celebrities, the reality star also frequently shares a glimpse into her exciting life by posting the fun times she has with family and friends. Back in February, Caputo joined her daughter, the newly engaged Victoria, for a mother/daughter Valentine’s Day dinner. Caputo showed off her “perfect man,” which was actually a bar of chocolate. That’s fitting, since the reality starlet has been very vocal about not dating anytime soon, following the finalization of her divorce just before Christmas.

As The Inquisitr also shared, though, Caputo’s ex-husband, Larry, has thrown his hat back in the dating pool — and has been showing off snaps of his new lady-love. Theresa Caputo is enjoying her time as a single woman, and getting to know herself outside of her 30-year marriage.

“Theresa is much happier separated from her husband, Larry. There was no big event leading up to their split, but an honest conversation that it wasn’t working any longer and it was time to move on,” a source close to the medium revealed.

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