Prince Harry Just Might Have Confirmed Meghan Markle Is Expecting Twins, Per ‘Express’

Prince Harry recently appeared at a royal function honoring his father Prince Charles and just might have let some big pregnancy news slip regarding his wife Meghan Markle, leading fans to wonder if the rumors are indeed true that the Duchess of Sussex is expecting twins.

During a ceremony to honor Prince Charles’ 50th anniversary of his investiture as the Prince of Wales, Harry was seen, per Express, speaking to Falklands War veteran Simon Weston when he allegedly led Weston to believe the couple was expecting more than one child.

Express claims that Weston and the prince spoke about rugby, a favorite sport of the two men. Speaking to the outlet, Weston recalled what he and the prince were discussing.

“We joked about Wales defeating England in the Six Nations rugby. I also warned him and the Duchess it serves him right as they will be getting plenty of sleepless nights when the baby is born.”

Weston said that Prince Harry commented in response about how it would “serve him right” if he and Meghan ended up having more than two children.

While this isn’t a formal declaration of the couple expecting twin royal babies, it has led royal watchers to believe that rumors surrounding Markle’s pregnancy have been true, that she is pregnant with more than one child.

The anniversary of Prince Charles’ investiture could likely be the last time fans of the couple could see them out and about until Meghan gives birth. Although a formal due date was never announced by the palace, there have been several reports over the past several months that the duchess is due in the spring.

Express also alleges that Markle has already been showing signs of early labor, via a common experience for women late their third trimester called Braxton Hicks contractions. The news outlet reported that the duchess has experienced this pregnancy syndrome and the couple has already made a trip to the hospital to have her checked to see if she was indeed in labor.

According to, Braxton Hicks contractions are caused by the muscles of the uterus tightening, helping your body prepare for birth by tightening and relaxing the uterine muscles. The difference between these types of contractions and real labor contractions are that during real labor, the opening of the cervix begins, allowing for the baby to be delivered. Braxton Hicks contractions can feel like real labor to a new mother, which is likely why, if the rumors are true, Markle might have seen her doctor, just in case.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will celebrate their first anniversary in May.

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