George R.R. Martin Names ‘Most Powerful’ Marvel Character

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin knows a thing or two about powerful characters, having written plenty of them himself. And after watching Captain Marvel, he decided to weigh in on who he thought was the most powerful Marvel character in the mix today, Gizmodo reports.

Posting on his blog, Martin shared his opinions on Captain Marvel, including his personal thoughts on who holds the honor of being the most powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, referring to the often overlapping settings, characters, and plot lines spanning the many modern Marvel films.

“The movie is hugely entertaining. I look forward to seeing how the Marvel teams use the captain in the forthcoming Avengers movie. Once she comes fully into her powers, she is far and away the most powerful character in the [Marvel Cinematic Universe],” Martin wrote.

“She could eat Iron Man for lunch and have Thor for dessert, with a side of Dr. Strange. Thanos is in trouble now,” he continued.

Martin’s acknowledgement of the raw power of actress Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel character shows the increasing embrace of critics and fans of what many are hailing as a mainstream superhero movie with a fiercely feminist message.

Captain Marvel has been widely acclaimed as a win in terms of female representation, particularly in the male-dominated superhero genre. Promotions for the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame have carried the fervor further forward, teasing the inclusion of the Captain Marvel character in that film as well.

In any case, Martin is on board and his message is spreading quickly. A recent tweet linking to his Captain Marvel blog post picked up more than 300 retweets and sparked conversation generating hundreds of comments.

That said, Martin’s take on the movie wasn’t all positive. Elsewhere in his blog post he does lament the exclusion of Kree warrior Mar-Vell, “the original Captain Marvel” from the film. He acknowledges the “fanboy” geekiness of his critique and goes on to describe himself as “kind of a purist” when it comes to movies adapted from books, comic or otherwise.

Martin’s “purist” remark may have had a bit of an edge to it, as it has become increasingly apparent that the ending of the HBO series based on his Game of Thrones story will likely diverge from his as-of-yet unfinished books.

As CaptainMarvel approaches its third week in theaters, it has grossed more than $750 million worldwide and remains number one at the box office.

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