Kelly Dodd And Vicki Gunvalson Call A Truce As Producers Confront Them On Cast Trip

Real Housewives of Orange County castmates Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd have reportedly let bygones be bygones.

The two housewives apparently came to an understanding while on the cast trip to Tucson, Arizona. However, the truce is worse than tenuous, according to a production insider that spoke to All About the Tea.

The site reports that the two ladies were confronted by producers at an Arizona spa, where they were told their back-and-forth battle had to end as it was beginning to interfere with production.

According to the insider, the entire incident was captured on camera on March 14 at the Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona. The encounter is expected to air in the upcoming season.

The insider said that Gunvalson and Dodd had producers at their wits’ end, and they even threatened to fine Dodd for allegedly exposing secrets about the show.

“Producers were sick of the constant fighting, especially on social media. Kelly was refusing to film with Vicki, and the messy dynamic proved to be problematic.”

“Kelly was up against a wall to make nice with Vicki. She spilled show secrets on social media early in the filming season, and has been an ongoing production headache.”

The two women have been caught in an escalating war of words ever since last season, when Gunvalson’s boyfriend, Steve Lodge, initiated a meeting between a friend and Dodd’s ex-husband, Michael Dodd. Gunvalson then accused her castmate of illegal drug use, causing the floodgates to explode and Dodd’s fury to be unleashed. Seeing Gunvalson return for the upcoming season did not help matters.

Dodd made her displeasure known on social media, as she appeared in two Instagram videos launching personal attacks against Gunvalson. Her first video with Gina Kirschenheiter unpleasantly compared the blonde Bravo star to a particular barnyard animal.

“Some of us are friends, some of us are pigs. How do you sniff out a truffle?” Dodd said.

“You can’t put lipstick on a pig. A pig is a pig.”

Kirschenheiter co-signed the taunts as they both giggled over the insults.

Dodd also posted an Instagram story with former OC housewife Lauri Peterson, who appeared with Gunvalson in the show’s first season. In it, she proclaimed Peterson the “real” “OG of the OC,” a moniker Gunvalson often bestows upon herself.

“I don’t know why everyone says that Vicki is the OG. Lauri Peterson is the original OG of the OC. Not Vicki.”

Some Real Housewives fans recently took to Twitter to call for the removal of Dodd from the franchise, citing that she had gone too far with her insults.

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