The Triangle Dance Challenge Is The Latest Viral Craze

So you thought doing the floss dance was difficult? With flossing, you only needed the cooperation of your own limbs, but with the latest viral dance craze, you need the coordination of two other people. Groups of three are videotaping themselves doing the triangle dance challenge, or at least attempting to do it, often with hilarious results.

Time says that the word “challenge” is accurate when talking about triangle dancing, because it’s harder than it looks, and just might be the ultimate team-building exercise. Time explains what’s required to get started.

“[Start] with your hands on each other’s shoulders in a ‘triangle’ formation, hence the name. Then, each person jumps in the direction of a different ‘point’ of the invisible triangle, between the other two in the unit, in rotation.”

YouTube shows a variety of trios doing the triangle dance — some better than others — set to music in locations ranging from playgrounds to the workplace. When the dance is done right, the results are something to see. The dance craze seems to have been launched on the social media video site, TikTok, and it has been traced to a user named Matthew Jones, who posted an early video.

And the triangle dance challenge is not just an American fad being done by kids, as ABC6 Action News shared a video of three construction workers in Cornwall, a region in southwest England, who successfully completed the challenge with the help of his co-workers.

Rory Lewis and two friends taped themselves doing the triangle dance to the song “Milkshake” by Kelis, and boasted that they accepted and completed the challenge.

“Anyone seen the triangle dance challenge. Well…completed it.”

Comic Sands says that the dance is fun to try, but beware that injuries are possible, and it’s not a bad idea to keep that first aid kit nearby.

“But careful with the timing. If one person is out of sync, someone is gonna need a bag of ice.”

Some trendy dances are done with a partner, or in a line, like the Hustle and the Macarena, but the additional challenge of the triangle dance is that three people need to get it together. But unlike those other dance trends, don’t imagine that you will be seeing the triangle dance on the dance floor of your next big event because it’s best coordinated in advance.

Comic Sands suggests that at least, at first, you might want to skip the alcohol because that will just add to the danger.

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