Ex-‘Superman’ Actor Dean Cain Dragged On Twitter After Saying He’d Knock Out Australian ‘Egg Boy’ Teen

Actor Dean Cain didn’t hold back on Twitter when sharing his thoughts on a recent buzzworthy topic, and he’s not backing down as Twitter drags him for what he posted. The incident developed over the weekend, and seems to have taken on a life of its own at this point.

The situation came after Cain responded to someone else’s post on Twitter, the subject being a teen protester who egged a right-wing politician in front of cameras over the weekend. As Australian Senator Fraser Anning spoke in front of cameras, 17-year-old Will Connolly smashed an egg over Anning’s head.

CBS News explains that Anning has blamed the immigration of Muslims for the New Zealand mosque attacks, and those sentiments have generated a lot of criticism from his political opponents. The videos of Connolly egging Anning have gone viral, especially as the politician turned and struck the teen as the cameras rolled.

In response to someone who shared the video on Twitter, the star of television’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman tweeted that he would have “knocked that kid cold.” Cain’s tweet did get about 550 retweets and more than 8,000 likes, but it’s also received more than 4,000 comments. While plenty were in support of the actor’s sentiment, those posts weren’t necessarily in the majority.

One Twitter user tossed out an analogy he felt captured the situation pretty well, and numerous others tweeted about how they thought Cain was washed-up, a jerk, or no longer worthy of their fandom. A common sentiment among Cain’s critics on Twitter was to say it seemed inappropriate for a grown man to threaten violence toward a minor, and many noted that the way Anning — and the security team — reacted seemed excessive as well.

By the looks of Cain’s Twitter page since the initial post, the actor doesn’t regret what he said — and he’s gotten increasingly heated as he responds to critics, blocking many of them. At one point, Dean tweeted that he was blocking trolls left and right all day, but he noted that many of them didn’t have particularly significant followings. He opined as to what that meant.

Within the replies of that post, one person tweeted that it meant that “the guy who played the bullet-proof man of steel is too think-skinned to take criticism even from those he perceives as no threat.” Cain replied to that, and said that he was fine with criticism — but anything “stupid,” or involving name-calling, would draw a block.

A solid number of people on Twitter felt that Cain’s views suggest he’s got some racist viewpoints. Fellow actor Tom Arnold took to Twitter to share his take on the online drama. Arnold said that Cain is a coward, a fake Christian, a white supremacist, and supports anti-LGBTQ groups.

Dean has made it clear — in the way he’s responded since that initial tweet — that he’s standing by his post, and he’s not worried about how others are responding to it. Will this have any sort of impact on the actor’s career? Will he come to regret having responded in such an intense way as the criticism started flowing?

The former Superman actor appears to have slowed down on his responding and blocking after hours of posts, but it doesn’t look like he’s let it go entirely. Dean Cain probably didn’t expect this kind of backlash when he posted that initial tweet, but he obviously isn’t backing down one bit, either.

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