‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alex Is Back And Already Flirting With Her Sister’s Beau

It’s another twin invasion on ABC’s General Hospital as Alex Marick returns to Port Charles. Anna’s twin sister is quite different from her, but she can definitely switch it up if she needs to step into Anna’s personality at any time. That is apparent during the first few minutes when Finn meets her for the first time.

Monday’s General Hospital will have Alex returning to get the same procedure done that Anna had. Alex has also suffered temporary blindness due to the “twin” virus that Finn is able to reverse. He is a little confused when he first meets his girl’s twin, as seen in a new preview clip provided by ABC. He rushes into the hospital room thinking that Anna has gone blind again. Alex immediately plays along with it, that is until her sis shows up.

Finn’s reaction to seeing both identical sisters in the same room is quite humorous. Alex, being Alex, finds a way to get under Anna’s skin by flirting with her beau. She calls him a “lovely man” and also notes that he smells good. She calls Finn “feisty” after he told her he wasn’t willing to lose his medical license by aiding and abetting a fugitive. Alex goes on to let Finn know that she would love to repay him after the surgery.

Anna steps in to let her twin know that her guy will help her in exchange for some vital information. She wants Alex to tell her how much of Alex’s memories were implanted in hers. Anna is obviously shaken by the whole memory mapping mess by Dr. Cabot. She just recently discovered that her memories may not be her own.

General Hospital spoilers indicates that Finn will go along with helping Alex get her sight back. Unfortunately, she will mess with his head a bit before she leaves Port Charles. SheKnows Soaps teases that Alex will leave Finn with doubts about his and Anna’s future together.

Alex knows just how to get to her twin sister. Those two are on the opposite spectrum when it comes to how they live their lives. It appears that Anna will be left with more questions than answers from Alex before she disappears again.

Could Anna’s memories really not be her own all of these years? There are many rumors swirling about Anna’s past that she thinks is hers, but it may be heading towards more torment for her as she could eventually realize that they are really her sister’s memories. Keep watching General Hospital this week to see if Alex Marick will give Anna the answers she is desperately seeking.

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