Aaron Paul Hints That Jesse Will Be The Star Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie

Spoiler warning: this article contains plot details and spoilers for the ending of Breaking Bad.

While fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the hotly anticipated Breaking Bad film, it’s still early in the process for this follow-up to AMC’s hit TV series. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, plot details for the film have been kept tightly under wraps, and not much is known about the project at this point.

It seems that series creator Vince Gilligan will be returning to direct, write, and produce the film, and past collaborators Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein will be joining him as producers. Plot details are scarce, though the film is set to “follow the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.”

Series fans have taken this to mean that the movie will focus on none other than Jesse Pinkman. For those who need a refresher, the show’s series finale saw Walter White (Bryan Cranston) exacting revenge on his former partner-in-crime, Todd (Jesse Plemons), Todd’s uncle (Michael Bowen), and the criminal gang they led. While doing so, Walter was also reunited with longtime-partner Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). After a brief reunion, the two parted ways — Jesse immediately escaped the compound where he was being held prisoner, while Walt took one last time to admire some lab equipment before succumbing to a gunshot wound.

Concrete plot details have not yet come to light, though a new report from Variety suggests that the film will star Jesse Pinkman as the main character. At a recent film festival, Aaron Paul didn’t confirm whether he would be appearing in the movie — or if the movie even exists — though he did weigh in on the rumors surrounding the film.

“Rumors are funny — I once heard a rumor that I was being cast as Han Solo,” Paul told the audience at the film festival’s Coffee Talk event. “I haven’t heard anything about the ‘Breaking Bad’ movie but if there is one and it comes together I’d love to be a part of it.”

“If it were to happen, yes, I would love to do it.”

Aaron also took the time to crack a quick joke.

“In case you haven’t caught up on the TV series, Walter dies, so….it has to star Jesse,” Paul said.

The untitled Breaking Bad film is set to premiere on Netflix. It is unknown whether series star Bryan Cranston will be returning as meth kingpin Walter White.

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