Bart Simpson Grows A Mustache, Becomes A Pro Gamer In Upcoming Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’

Bart Simpson may have been a symbol of rebellious, incalcitrant youth for many Gen-Xers and older millennials during their own childhood years, but now the prank-loving boy is set to become an esports legend.

According to reporting from Kotaku, the mischievous and lovable Bart Simpson is hanging up his slingshot and skateboard in favor of a gaming rig in the upcoming episode of animated comedy The Simpsons, an episode set to air this Sunday, March 17. Sporting a totally sweet mustache — and posted up at a disheveled desk littered with dirty bowls and half-eaten food — Bart becomes addicted to a fictional video game titled Conflict of Enemies.

Seemingly modeled after mobile games such as Clash of Champions, as well as more typical MOBA fare such as League of Legends or DOTA 2, Conflict of Enemies can be seen featuring medieval models of popular Springfield characters. Bart himself appears as a hulking barbarian, complete with headgear, while Nelson can be seen sporting a spiked club and buckler, looking something like a large troll. Martin also appears in the form of a brutish, purple-skinned beast.

With the episode being titled “E My Sports” — a clear nod to one of Bart’s original catchphrases of “Eat my shorts!” — it seems apparent that the typical attitude projected by the younger Simpson will be put on full display in this latest offering.

With Kotaku suggesting that the creative team behind The Simpsons reached out to Riot Games — responsible for the insanely popular League of Legends — for some assistance in crafting the episode, fans of the show who also happen to be hardcore gamers are clearly set for a wild ride.

For those unfamiliar, League of Legends relies on strictly online gameplay which sees two teams of five members face off against one another. Selecting a champion from a roster of at least 141 options, per Wired, can seem a daunting task. Each champion has a unique aesthetic, skill set, and ideal play style. From Miss Fortune — a pirate slash bounty hunter who is fleet of foot and deploys dual pistols — to the hulking Dr. Mundo, no two games of League of Legends are likely to be too similar. The same graphical interface appears to be present in “E My Sports,” complete with streaming windows and stat panels.

With the Riot Games title ranking No. 4 in overall prize pool money — approximately $14 million, per The Esports Observer — in 2018, it’s fairly clear that the future of esports competition is vibrant. Will Bart have what it takes to become one of the world’s best professional gamers?

Fans of the show will simply have to tune in on March 17 to find out.

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