Post Malone Ordered 500 Chicken Wings For Him And His Crew

Post Malone recently placed a very large takeout order to feed himself and his crew, nearly shutting down the restaurant for other customers. One of Malone’s favorite dishes is chicken wings, and he and his crew apparently couldn’t get enough of them while he was performing at the O2 Arena in London on March 13 and March 14. Malone placed an order for over 500 hot chicken wings from Nando’s in London, ensuring that he and his help had plenty of his favorite dish for their two-day stint.

Comparing the mass quantity of chicken that Malone ordered to a regular, everyday order that Nando’s typically receives shows why Malone’s order nearly shut the eatery down to other customers while his food was being prepared. A typical, larger single-person order for a similar dish is about 10 wings, which costs $14.55. Malone’s order of 500 chicken wings cost about $727, and also increases that large 10 wing individual serving size to 50 servings.

“They practically shut down Nando’s at 4pm especially for Post and his crew,” an insider said, according to Arizona Daily Star.

However, the Nando’s order is not the first time Post Malone has placed an incredibly large food order. Last year, the 23-year-old singer forked out about $40,000 on grocery, alcohol, and food deliveries from his favorite delivery app, Postmates. In fact, Malone has relied so often on Postmates for his orders that he was profiled by the delivery app, who stated that Malone has been using their app since 2016 and is one of their best customers.

Malone uses Postmates often when he travels, requesting around 3,000 items that total 660 purchases he made while traveling through 52 cities. All of this ordering took place in 2018, when Malone was touring heavily, according to Popbuzz.

“He ordered 500 chicken wings, so regular customers were complaining because they couldn’t get in,” a source said, according to the Arizona Daily Star. “Post loves his chicken hot and says it’s the only place worth visiting whenever he’s in London.”

Not only does Malone seem to heavily rely on Postmates for his food and beverage needs while he is touring, but he also reviews many of the places he orders food from on the road. Not surprisingly, chicken happens to be the one dish he seeks out the most often while on tour.

Post often uses his social media accounts to give reviews of the chicken shops he visits on the road. Interestingly, as a teenager, Malone worked for the well-known food chain, Chicken Express, which might explain his fondness for the dish.

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