‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9: Episode 14 Set To Be A Tearjerker After Rick Grimes Tribute Spotted

Fans have been eagerly awaiting Episode 14 of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 9 thanks to the title and synopsis indicating that the mystery of Daryl and Michonne’s scars will finally be revealed. However, some fans have also noticed a heartbreaking tribute to Rick in the promotional stills for the episode.

Episode 14 of The Walking Dead Season 9 is titled “Scars,” and the synopsis indicates that “secrets from the past are revealed.” As a result of these clues, many fans are speculating that the backstory involving the X-shaped scars on Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) will be revealed on Sunday.

Images of a pregnant Michonne are also indicative that this episode will contain flashbacks to the time after Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was taken by helicopter to safety with Jadis’ (Pollyanna McIntosh) group. As was revealed after the massive time jump, that Michonne was pregnant when Rick went missing and she is now the mother to RJ (Antony Azor).

However, as Comic Book points out, these images also contain a tribute to Rick.

Images show Michonne, while pregnant, wearing the same jacket that Rick wore previously in The Walking Dead. Comic Book references the fact that the last time Rick wore this jacket was in Episode 2 of Season 9 in an episode titled “The Bridge.”

Of course, not all of the images with Michonne show her wearing this jacket, only the light-colored top underneath it. So, some fans have also been speculating that Michonne will lose the jacket at some point in Episode 14 of The Walking Dead Season 9.

In addition to the tribute to Rick, it appears this entire episode will be very heavy with content pertaining to Rick Grimes after his disappearance.

While it always seemed to be an episode that would help to fill in the gaps between Rick’s disappearance and the massive time jump, it appears that this episode will also pull consistently at the heartstrings.

The opening minutes of the episode, as released by AMC, show Michonne finding Rick’s Colt Python on the edge of the river where everyone suspected he drowned. In addition, Rick is mentioned in the trailer for Episode 14 of The Walking Dead Season 9 when Daryl and Judith (Cailey Fleming) are talking. This section of the trailer shows the older Judith fans now know, so it seems possible that the ghost of Rick will be present even in sections of the episode that aren’t actually flashbacks.

Season 9 of AMC’s The Walking Dead will return to AMC on Sunday, March 17. The show is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. ET. Episode 14 is titled “Scars” and AMC lists the following synopsis.

“An outsider’s arrival forces Alexandria to rehash devastating old wounds; eye-opening secrets from the past are revealed.”

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