Thomas Ravenel Wants To Have ‘Southern Charm’ Star Patricia Altschul Deposed In Custody Case

For someone who doesn’t want any part of his custody battle with his ex, Kathryn Dennis, on the Bravo show, Southern Charm, now that he’s been fired, Thomas Ravenel is subpoenaing members of the cast into court for depositions. In the same week that it was revealed that the former politician and reality star wants to depose the mother of the show’s executive producer, Patricia Altschul, Ravenel went to court to keep details of the fight off the series just as the new season starts, says Live 5 News.

Ravenel is not only including Altschul in his custody matter, but he is also including Bravo and the production company, Haymaker, insisting that Dennis is only seeking custody as a storyline for the show. On Wednesday, Ravenel asked a Charleston judge to keep mention of his legal battle with Dennis off the new season which airs next month.

Page Six is reporting that though Ravenel is asking to keep Southern Charm out of his custody case, he has served cast member and mother of executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith, Patricia Altschul, requesting that she sit for a deposition in the matter to talk about her recent friendship with his ex, Kathryn Dennis.

Altschul, who was closer with Ravenel since the first season of the hit Bravo show than she was with Dennis, doesn’t want to be deposed in the custody case, and is asking the judge to stop Ravenel’s lawyer from questioning her, saying that she knows nothing about their custody battle, and would prefer to stay out of it.

The whole Southern Charm cast has been put in an awkward position since Ravenel was arrested in September on the charges that he sexually assaulted his children’s first nanny in 2015. Dennis filed for custody of their two children in October after Ravenel was indicted on the charges and she grew concerned for the children.

Bravo is also arguing that it is Ravenel that’s trying to drag them into the custody battle, says Page Six. They say that the former cast member was fine with including the custody battle when he was the one filing for primary custody. They added that if Ravenel wants to keep his private matter out of the press then he should stop “his own public mudslinging in the pleadings he has filed in this case, stop posting photos and videos of his children on the internet, join Dennis’s request to seal this Court’s records.”

“Ravenel’s actual interest appears to be to prohibit anyone besides himself from maintaining a public platform to discuss this lawsuit now that he is no longer a cast member on Southern Charm.”

Bravo is asking that the case is thrown out and Ravenel pays all of their legal bills.

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