Demi Lovato Reflects On Long Road To Recovery And ‘Mistakes’ In Sobriety: ‘Today I Would’ve Had 7 Years Sober’

Today would have marked the seventh year of sobriety for singer Demi Lovato if she hadn’t relapsed this past summer.

Earlier today, the 26-year-old took to her Instagram account to share a few words with her fans and reflect on her long journey through sobriety, as well as all of the bumps that she encountered along the way. Rather than sharing a lengthy post, the singer decided to instead share her thoughts in her Instagram Story.

“Today I would’ve had 7 years sober. I don’t regret going out because I needed to make those mistakes but I must never forget that’s exactly what they were: mistakes.”

“Grateful that AA/NA never shuts the door on you no matter how many times you have to start your time over. I didn’t lose 6 years,” Lovato added. “I’ll always have that experience but now I just get to add to that time with a new journey and time count.”

In her last post in the series, Demi reminded followers that if they have relapsed and are afraid to seek help again, it’s still possible to take that big step towards recovery. It may not always be easy, but it’s always worth it Lovato says.

“If you’re alive today, you can make it back. You’re worth it.”

As The Inquisitr shared this past July, Lovato was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in her Hollywood Hills home following a nearly fatal drug overdose. The singer was hospitalized in the Los Angeles area for over a week and after that, she immediately went to a rehab facility for help. She was there until November of 2018 before returning back home.

Following her stint in rehab, she was linked to fashion designer Henri Levy. But as The Inquisitr shared earlier this month, the couple broke up after just a few months of dating. According to reports, Demi’s family — especially her mom, Dianna Hart — were instrumental in cutting him out of her life once and for all since he had a troubled past with drugs and alcohol.

At first, Demi was stubborn with people who were telling her how to handle her love life, but she has since circled back. She is reportedly now listening to her family’s advice, especially since who she is dating could also affect her sobriety. From the very start, it was reported that Lovato’s family wasn’t too keen on the pair seeing each other, as they didn’t think Henri was a good influence on her.

Now, they’re happy that Demi isn’t with Henri anymore — and purportedly believe that it’s for the best. Hopefully 2019 can be a happy and healthy one for Demi.

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