‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Marie Offers Update On Adam Spott, Robert Parks-Valletta, And Robby Hayes

Scheana Marie has had a complicated love life in the past few months and on March 15, she opened up about what’s going on between her and three of her latest love interests.

While speaking to Us Weekly, the Vanderpump Rules star first addressed Robby Hayes, who she was seen out on a date with during Season 7.

“I actually have not spoken to him since October, and it still baffles me because him and I were such good friends,” she explained.

According to Scheana, she and Robby went on a few dates and even vacationed together in Hawaii. Then, after texting him “I miss you” after he traveled to Mexico without her, he completely ghosted her. Although he said at the time that they should hang out and informed her he’d be back in Los Angeles the following day, she never heard from him after that point.

“It just is the weirdest thing to me,” she said.

As for the other Rob, Robert Parks-Valletta, he and Scheana “lightly rekindled” their relationship at the end of last year after running into one another at a football game.

“We’re getting back in a good place… We hung out a couple of times, and then he heard a rumor about me and instead of asking me if it was true, believed the person who told him,” she revealed.

Scheana said that while the rumor Rob was told was completely “exaggerated,” Rob believed it and cut her off quickly.

Scheana’s most recent romance, at least that fans have seen, has been with Adam Spott, who she admitted to sleeping with during an earlier episode of Vanderpump Rules. However, despite their on-screen chemistry, the pair is not currently dating and according to Scheana, things between them are “complicated.”

“We’re in the exact same place as we were where you’re watching the show right now. So, it hasn’t progressed, it hasn’t worsened. It’s just there,” she said.

During the coming episodes of Vanderpump Rules, fans will be watching as Scheana admits to sleeping with another man during a conversation with Adam. Right away, he’s taken aback and can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Although Scheana attempts to make Adam feel better by saying that she was thinking about him the entire time, her comment doesn’t help and things between them take a quick turn for the worse.

To see more of Scheana and her co-stars, tune into Vanderpump Rules Season 7 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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