Teddi Mellencamp Accuses Lisa Vanderpump Of Manipulating ‘RHOBH’ Viewers As She Waits To Show ‘Receipts’

Teddi Mellencamp opened up about her Puppy Gate claims against Lisa Vanderpump during a recent episode of E!’s The Daily Pop.

As Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers continue to learn more and more about who was behind the pushing of a negative story about Dorit Kemsley and her adopted dog, who sadly ended up at a kill shelter after she adopted it from Vanderpump’s rescue center, Mellencamp told the hosts of the show that Vanderpump is more interested in “manipulating the audience than nurturing her friendships.”

Throughout the past couple of episodes, both Mellencamp and Vanderpump have claimed to have damning text messages proving that the other was responsible for the dog story getting out. However, because she is contractually obligated to keep future storylines to herself until they air, Mellencamp can’t reveal any more than fans have seen on the show.

“I’d like to be out here right now with the scroll showing all the text messages but I have to have everybody wait,” she said, according to a report from Reality Tea on March 15.

While Mellencamp has maintained that it was Vanderpump who enlisted her Vanderpump Dogs employee John Blizzard to talk about Kemsley and her dog, Vanderpump has put the blame on Mellencamp.

Although Mellencamp has admitted that she fed into the drama and was ready to do as she was told, she later backed out and has apologized for taking things as far as she did.

“I end up apologizing for the things I’ve done wrong but this wasn’t my idea,” she explained.

In her latest Bravo blog, Mellencamp apologized to viewers for her role in Puppy Gate and said she should have come clean about her involvement right away. She then said that she will continue to reveal her side of the story as Vanderpump continues to lie about what went down.

“That’s the issue that remains. I know and acknowledge all the wrongs I’ve done. She will not,” Mellencamp explained.

While Vanderpump maintains her innocence, the cast has seemingly sided with Mellencamp and for the past several months, no cast members have been seen at all with Vanderpump and she doesn’t appear to have any communication online or otherwise with any of her co-stars.

To see more of Mellencamp, Vanderpump, and their co-stars, tune into new episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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