Soulja Boy Arrested For Probation Violation After Police Find Ammo In His Home

DeAndre Cortez Way, better known by the monikers Soulja Boy and Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, is in legal trouble yet again, per Uproxx. The rapper’s latest offense is his second probation violation since his 2014 arrest for illegally possessing a firearm.

As TMZ reported, a lenient judge allowed Soulja Boy to stay on probation after a home search discovered a probation-violating weapon in 2016. This time, the performer may not be so lucky. He’s currently behind bars in Van Nuys, California, awaiting his opportunity to see a judge.

This latest probation violation stems from another legal issue that arose last month. According to Uproxx, Soulja’s home was searched after a woman identified only as Kayla filed a police report against him for allegedly kidnapping her.

Kayla claimed she had been dating Soulja Boy before the two got into a big argument. Kayla further claimed that the rapper kicked and punched her, followed by tying her up with an extension cord and leaving her in his garage for six hours. This reportedly led to a concussion and three fractured ribs, all of which were treated at a local hospital.

Soulja Boy has denied all of these claims, although his representatives did confirm that the rapper and Kayla had been dating prior to the alleged incident. Soulja’s manager admitted to having a physical fight with Kayla, but he claimed his side of the altercation was nothing more than self-defense.

The official statement from Soulja’s camp, as reported by TMZ, includes accusations that Kayla was heavily intoxicated. A group of witnesses is believed to have seen Kayla crash her car in Soulja’s driveway. The rapper himself is said to have been in the house throughout the entire incident, leading his reps to call the woman’s claims “100 percent fabricated.”

After Kayla’s police report was filed, local authorities searched Soulja Boy’s home for evidence. Ammunition and “a weapon” were discovered, but the police chose not to take the rapper into custody at that time. Instead, they waited for Soulja to attend his next probation meeting before taking him into custody. It’s unknown at this time what prompted police officers to wait, but it’s possible that they were trying to avoid a public altercation at the performer’s home.

The 28-year-old had been attempting to make a musical comeback this year and was scheduled to perform at tonight’s Clippers game. It now seems improbable that he’ll be able to make it to the game for the half-time show performance, but a judge will make the ultimate determination this afternoon.

Soulja Boy’s long history of legal entanglements, including drug and weapons possession charges, is likely to play a major role in today’s arraignment and probation decision.

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