‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Kristina Resists, Anna Questions Valentin, And Sonny Makes More Progress

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show suggest another jam-packed episode filled with drama. Sonny is getting closer to reconnecting with his son, Anna is reaching out for help, and Kristina’s loved ones have plenty of reason to worry about her wellbeing. The latest spoilers reveal that the March 15 show will bring forward progress with each of those current storylines.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show, shared via Twitter, teases that Kristina’s alienation from her loved ones will continue. Viewers have watched Shiloh’s influence over Kristina grow — and that’s led to a distancing from her inner circle of close friends and family members. General Hospital spoilers detail that Kristina will butt heads with Molly next, and things will get intense.

Molly can see her sister changing, and it looks like she may try to talk some sense into Kristina. However, it looks like Molly will be left feeling hurt and frustrated. According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason will be reassuring Molly in some sense during Friday’s show, and it looks like it may be related to their shared concerns over Shiloh and Dawn of Day.

Apparently, Michael will end up involved in an argument with someone, but it’s not clear yet who else is involved. Previews show that he’ll talk with Jason — and get an update on the situation with Sonny and his search for Dante — but it may be that he jumps into the argument between Kristina and Molly.

Sonny is inching closer and closer to getting answers regarding Dante’s whereabouts and condition. General Hospital spoilers signal that there may be some key moments in this search shown during Friday’s show, and things will really heat up with revelations about Dante’s situation in the coming week.

Anna met with Andre to try to learn more about what may have happened with Dr. Cabot, and she was perhaps left with more questions than answers. Her next step will be to reach out to Valentin, despite her fractured relationship with him, and she’ll be asking for information from him.

Friday’s show is also slated to show more of Sam with Shiloh as their complicated dynamic gets even more intense. Viewers had speculated that he might have a connection to Willow — and now that’s confirmed. Fans can tell that he is nothing but trouble. How far will Kristina fall under his spell before Sam can expose Shiloh?

This will all set the stage for another exciting emotional roller coaster next week, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s a lot for viewers to look forward to as these storylines progress. Secrets are being unveiled, some mysteries are deepening, and it looks like things will get wild in the days ahead.

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