Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Kristina Ousts Valerie From Her Life, Molly Could Be Next

Thursday on General Hospital had the Davis girls getting together, but it wasn’t quite what they expected. It is a rare occasion anymore when all four women spend time together. Alexis, Sam, Kristina, and Molly met at Charlie’s Pub for a bite to eat. However, it didn’t go quite as expected after Hurricane Kristina blew everyone away with her allegiance to Dawn of Day.

Kristina and Valerie had it out the day before, but Valerie decided to go back to Charlie’s to apologize to Kristina. The middle Davis girl wouldn’t have it. She told Valerie that she is done with negative energy like her in her life. It’s clear that DOD has taken over her life and her mind. Valerie left feeling discouraged about the whole confrontation. She isn’t the only one bothered by the whole thing. Molly is concerned for her sister and proceeded to call her out about it. General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps teases that Michael will be pulled into an argument, and it could be between these two girls.

Molly had no problem letting Kristina know how she feels about Shiloh and Dawn of Day. At the end of Thursday’s episode, she called DOD a cult. She certainly isn’t dancing around the issue. Kristina is taking Shiloh’s encouragement to shun those who give off any negative energy in her life. Will she pluck her little sister out of her life as she did with Valerie?

Kristina had just gotten through telling Alexis and Molly, “If you don’t respect the choices in my life, you don’t get to be in it.”

Molly was dumbfounded at that statement. Sam had already left by then. Kristina even rebuffed the fact that Alexis had been to see “Kevin Collins” for therapy. She thought that her mom should replace traditional therapy for another session at Dawn of Day.

Also on Thursday’s General Hospital was Ava’s meltdown after confronting Kevin, Drew and Kim waiting on Oscar’s test results, and Anna finding out from Andre’s records that she does indeed have some of Alexis’ memories.

It was also revealed that Willow has ties to Shiloh and Dawn of Day. According to a previous Inquisitr report, she has the same tattoo on her backside as Daisy. It appears that she was a former DOD member and she wants to keep that a secret.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday teases that Jason will reassure Molly, which seems to indicate that he, and possibly Sam, will find out about the rift between the sisters. Jason may let Molly in on the fact that they are investigating Shiloh.

The DOD leader may turn out to be a dangerous man. He is set on turning Kristina against her loved ones and having Sam “branded” for life as well. Don’t miss all the drama coming your way on General Hospital.

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