UFC’s Tony Ferguson Accused Of Domestic Violence

Tony Ferguson, known for his outstanding UFC fighting skills, recently declined a fight with Max Holloway. At the time, many had questions as to why Ferguson would not take on the fight. However, on March 14, word hit the media that Ferguson’s wife, Cristina Ferguson, had filed a restraining order against him. So, it appears that problems at home were the main reason Ferguson decided to skip out on a match against Max Holloway.

Since the start of this year, the police have been called to Ferguson’s house, which he shares with his wife, because of the couple’s altercations. According to TMZ, Ferguson has made some bizarre statements during those arguments. While Cristina never proceeded to press charges before, it appears that she has had enough after their last incident. The couple shares a 2-year-old son, Tony, together.

Cristina filed court documents on Wednesday which cover the alleged domestic violence and some strange things that her husband, Tony, has both said and done during those incidents. Cristina’s recent filing also features a restraining order against Tony because of the domestic violence. Cristina filed her court documents in the Orange County, California, Superior Court. After she filed on Wednesday, an ex parte hearing occurred as well on that day. Following that hearing, the court scheduled an investigation into Cristina’s claims, which will take place on March 22, and a hearing on April 5 will address the domestic violence situation, according to MMA Junkie.

There are several police documents that demonstrate some of the phone calls and odd statements Tony Ferguson made during the arguments, according to TMZ. On February 19, police were called to come to the couple’s Santa Ana home. During the call, a woman said Tony had been up for three straight days, was destroying the house, and kept claiming that somebody had set a computer chip inside of his leg. Somebody else who was also at the house when police came told authorities that Tony was claiming a person was inside of the house’s walls.

Another incident occurred on February 16, and the police were also called to the couple’s home on that date. Cristina told police that Tony believed he was throwing Holy Water at her. There were other phone calls and other similar, strange claims made by Tony during those times. Although the police have gone to the house at least five times since the start of the year, Tony was never arrested, and his wife believed he was unwell and needed medical attention.

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