Conor McGregor Sued By Cell Phone Attack Victim

Unfortunately, Conor McGregor’s week just got worse, and his legal troubles are escalating again. On Monday, March 11, McGregor was arrested for getting into an altercation with a fan outside of a Miami club while both McGregor and the fan were leaving the hotspot. The fan, 22-year-old Ahmed Abdirzak, claims that he tried to snap a picture of McGregor at the time, and that McGregor smashed his phone. After destroying the phone, McGregor pocketed the device and left the premises. Abdirzak reported the incident to the Miami police, which led to McGregor’s arrest.

Abdirzak has since spoken out about the incident, and initially seemed uncertain about pressing charges. On Thursday morning, Abdirzak spoke with TMZ and stated he was not sure if he would be pressing charges or not. What Abdirzak did imply he wanted was some sort of justice for what McGregor had done. However, later that same day, news broke that Abdirzak had filed charges against McGregor. Abdirzak is suing McGregor in civil court and seeking damages that are worth more than $15,000. Abdirzak filed his civil lawsuit in Miami-Dade County, Florida’s court.

“[McGregor’s charges include] battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress,” the court documents state, according to TMZ. Two of McGregor’s criminal charges will be felonies if he loses his criminal case, and he could serve over 15 years in prison.

Abdirzak claims he did not provoke McGregor and was completely surprised by McGregor’s actions. While McGregor smashed his phone, Abdirzak was being restrained by another man. Abdirzak’s phone has become an important part of the case and will most likely be used as evidence against McGregor.

McGregor has been plagued with legal problems over the past several months, and this will be the second lawsuit he has recently faced. McGregor was also sued by Michael Chiesa, who is a current UFC welterweight contender. Chiesa sued McGregor after Chiesa was hurt in an attack that happened in New York back in April 2018, according to Yahoo News.

McGregor headed up the attack on Chiesa, which occurred on a bus. McGregor also threw a dolly out at the window of the bus. The thrown dolly and smashed window injured Chiesa, who wound up with several cuts. Chiesa had to cancel a scheduled fight of his later that week.

McGregor was able to take a plea deal for the bus attack that injured Chiesa, and just finished serving his probation. McGregor’s felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, and McGregor attended court-ordered anger management, as well as completing five days of community service.

McGregor was released from custody on bond earlier in the week.

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