Jana Duggar Is Teased About ‘Her Wedding,’ Jessa Seewald Hints About Big Announcement

Jana Duggar is currently 29 and still single. In most cases that wouldn’t be a big deal at all, but fans that have watched this family on reality TV for years are anxious to see the eldest female sibling have her happily-ever-after. TLC keeps touting that there is some sort of huge announcement coming up soon, a tease that has led to some speculation that fans may get their wish.

As if that wasn’t enough to get Duggar fans excited, Monday night’s episode of Counting On had sister Jessa Seewald joking around with Jana about her upcoming wedding. The show was all about John David’s bachelor party and his then-fiancee, Abbie Burnett, finding the perfect sparkling wedding dress, per The Hollywood Gossip.

Jana Duggar was right in the middle of it all. She took over the project of putting together a pop-up shop in order for her future sister-in-law to try the dresses on. She not only supervised the project, but she also got down and dirty, cutting out boards with the saw, displaying her multi-talented nature.

During one of the interviews with Jana, Jessa, and Kendra Duggar, the chatter turned to a dig about Jana’s wedding. Jessa Seewald turned to her older sister and surprised viewers by asking her an impromptu question.

“Jana, you haven’t told them about your wedding, have you?”

With a sneaky smile, Jana said that she would “tell them later.” It’s obvious that the Duggar girls read the comments that fans leave on their social media accounts. They know exactly what is being said about Jana courting some lucky guy. Back in January — when the Duggar daughter first opened her Instagram account — fans assumed that it meant Jana was in a courtship. However, Jessa was the one who made it clear that she was not in a relationship.

This recent tease on Monday night was most likely meant as a bit of fun, but fans may have taken Jessa’s words seriously. Even Kendra looked a little confused at first, but then she giggled at the comments made by the two girls.

One of the TLC crew later asked Jessa how long it might be before there is another bride in their family. Her response was, “You never know who is going to make the next big announcement.” That sure seems rather fishy. Could Jana really be ready to finally walk down the aisle? Or is it a another brother?

Despite all of the hints that it is Jana who has the big announcement, that could very well just be a ploy. It could be one of the other family members who is courting. Just recently, The Inquisitr reported that Jason Duggar was rumored to be serious about someone — possibly Kendra’s sister, Lauren Caldwell.

The big news should be announced soon, most likely towards the end of this current season of Counting On.

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