Cardi B Embarks On Video Rant About The ‘Voice In My Head,’ Struggles To Make Sense

Cardi B has updated her Instagram with yet another rant (and it isn’t making much sense). On March 14, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s 41.5 million followers woke up to Cardi’s latest update.

Captioned “Life,” the video shows Cardi navigating the trajectory of her inner thoughts when fans approach her. Cardi opens with a concern – namely that fans may consider her behavior “crazy” or “retarded.” She then quickly moves on to the “problem.” It’s called the voice inside Cardi B’s head.

Vivid and fast-paced, the rant progresses as a back-and-forth of fan input, the “voices” inside Cardi’s head, plus examples outlining the kinds of questions that Cardi is asked. They include probing into “what happened to your green Balenciaga shirt?” and Cardi’s inner thoughts replying that she “left it in my grandma’s house.”

The video follows the string of Instagram rants that have become part of Cardi’s identity. In March 2018, a rant questioning how and where U.S. tax dollars are spent made CNBC’s headlines. Reminding viewers that New York City is “the dirtiest city in America,” Cardi ruled out tax dollars being spent on city cleanliness. Judging by her knowledge of prison jumpsuits, her conclusion likewise ruled out expenditure on the penitentiary system.

“Oh I met Cardi B and I don’t know if she like me or not, because she was looking at me like if I’m crazy or of [sic] I was retarded or something, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that I have a voice in my head that when I’m talking to people, it just start having a conversation with me.”

Admittedly, while the concept of being approached by fans makes sense, the “voice” inside Cardi’s head is a little harder to comprehend. Cardi then asks if “that sh*t” happens to others, but quickly returns back to the problem in question – herself.

“I’m having a whole conversation in my f*cking thoughts.”

On February 12, Harper’s Bazaar reported Cardi unexpectedly deleted her Instagram following social media “backlash” over her Grammy win. The account was reinstated within several days.

While a significant proportion of Cardi’s Instagram posts are rambling thoughts, the account equally shows the star’s risqué outfits, plus, in this case, her “Caramel Mackey E Auto” Starbucks order. While Ariana Grande is now fronting the coffee chain’s new “Cloud Macchiato,” Cardi joins celebrity Starbucks fans who prefer to keep their involvement with the beverage company at consumption only.

Within two hours of being posted, Cardi’s March 14 rant had accumulated 2.3 million views.

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