Ben Affleck Says He’s Living The ‘Dad Dream’ Coaching Son Samuel’s Little League Team

Following another stint in rehab, Ben Affleck seems to be living his best life.

Today, the actor stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show — per YouTube — to promote his new Netflix film, one titled Triple Frontier. Currently, he is juggling acting and co-parenting, as well as focusing on his sobriety, but it seems as though Affleck is in a good place. Most notably, he told the talk show host that he is loving his new role — acting as coach to his 7-year-old son Samuel’s little league team.

Affleck has long been a baseball fan, and loyally cheers for the Boston Red Sox, so it comes as no shock that he has offered to take up coaching. The actor tells Ellen that having the opportunity to coach the team is a great fit for him.

“I’m a coach on the Little League team. It’s going great,” the 46-year-old shared. “He’s awesome. It’s a lot of fun, the kids are great kids.”

There is one complaint that Affleck has about his new coaching gig — the team colors. Samuel’s team wears mock Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys that are blue and white, a far cry from the Boston Red Sox uniforms. But other than that, Ben says that he can’t really complain, because coaching is pretty much his dream job.

“But you know, it’s one of those things you love it so much,” he told DeGeneres. “It’s the dad dream to be the coach of your son or your daughter and their little league team. It’s very exciting.”

And while he is still one of the top actors in the country, Affleck says that he is still able to bend his schedule — when he can — to make sure that he can attend most little league games. Last week, the father of three says that he was in Asia, promoting the new Netflix film, when he asked if it was okay to leave a day early, since his son had a game. Luckily, he says that Netflix was “cool,” and were okay with him tending to his son’s needs.

One other topic that DeGeneres asked Affleck about was how he manages to co-parent with ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. The two can frequently be seen attending church services together — and even grabbing coffee with one another — and seem to be doing well. The only thing that Affleck said might cause disagreement between the two parents is the fact that he tends to be a little bit more liberal than Garner when it comes to screen time for television and video games.

The actor also defended the large tattoo of a Phoenix on his back, one that has earned him a lot of criticism. Affleck acknowledged that he did not get a lot of positive attention over the tattoo, but still defended it as something that is important to him.

“I was about to say it represents something really important to me, but maybe, just, we’ll skip that,” he said.

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