Luann de Lesseps Asked Bethenny Frankel And Dennis Shields For $6 Million For House: ‘That’s How Bad It Was’

It’s only a few episodes into the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City but a lot has already happened in just a short amount of time.

One of the main storylines on this season of the show is Luann de Lesseps and how she is doing following her second stint in rehab. During last night’s episode of the show, Luann proudly announced that she was 53 days sober before revealing what put her over the edge and sent her to rehab for the second time.

As the countess explained, she was heartbroken when her husband and two children filed a lawsuit against her to prevent the sale of her Sag Harbor home. At the time, de Lesseps wanted to sell that house so she could use the money and buy a home in upstate New York, according to Page Six. But her family blocked that sale with a lawsuit because according to the terms of her divorce, the money from the sale of the Sag Harbor home was to be set up in a trust for Lu’s two kids.

At that point, de Lesseps explains that she was desperate to purchase the home in upstate New York and she basically asked everyone that she could to borrow $6 million, including Bethenny Frankel and her boyfriend, the late Dennis Shields.

“I was fixed on it. I had to have it, I was manic,” the countess said on the show. “Believe me, I called everybody I knew for $6 million. There weren’t many on the list, and Dennis was one of them.”

“I wanted that house more than anything. I would have sold my soul at that point. That’s how bad it was.”

Frankel also weighed in, saying that Luann asked her for money and at that point, she became very concerned for Luann because she was making “irrational financial decisions” and seemed as though she was relapsing in her sobriety.

“She got mad at me and was telling everyone, ‘Bethenny is a bad person because she won’t give me $6 million for this house,'” Frankel shared. “I was like, ‘Okay…'”

Luann also admitted that that was her breaking point and things really started to go downhill from there. At first, she said that she would just have a glass of wine “here and there” but the lawsuit from her kids was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” After that, she says she polished off two bottles of Rose on her own and that still wasn’t enough. But luckily, friends intervened shortly after and she agreed to seek help again.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesday evenings on Bravo.

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