Matt LeBlanc Reveals This ‘Friends’ Star Was Not A Fan Of Marcel The Monkey

Most anybody can recall the members of the iconic group of friends in the popular sitcom Friends, but what about their pets? According to E! News, Matt LeBlanc, who starred as Joey in the television series, remembers at least one of them fondly — Marcel the Monkey.

Marcel was a capuchin monkey adopted by Ross, played by David Schwimmer, during Season 1, and apparently caused as much chaos off screen as it did during the show.

LeBlanc appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, March 13, and recalled one instance when the animal — who was actually a girl monkey named Katie — caused a little bit of trouble on set. Apparently, the cast was shooting on the sound stage when the monkey decided it was break time and climbed the lights up to the ceiling, disappearing into the dark. The 51-year-old explained that it took almost half an hour and a bait of mealworms to get her to come back down and that despite some of the mayhem she caused, he had fun working with the creature.

“I liked the monkey,” he explained to the late-night host. “I like animals. The monkey was really cool.”

His sentiments were not exactly echoed by the rest of the cast, however, as there was one member of the Friends entourage that didn’t have as much fun working with the animal.

“Schwimmer not so much,” Matt revealed, which is ironic since it was David Schwimmer’s character that owned the pet in the show. “He’s the one that had to work with it the most, so he was like, ‘Again with the monkey?'”

To the dismay of many fans, it doesn’t look like the cast of Friends will be reuniting on screen to try their hands at parenting a pet monkey again. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the show’s co-creator Marta Kauffman shut down rumors of a revival of the series in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

“The show is about a time in your life when your friends are your family. It’s not that time anymore,” she explained to the publication. “All we’d be doing is putting those six actors back together, but the heart of the show would be gone.”

Thankfully, Friends fans can still enjoy the original series in its entirety, as all 10 seasons are available to stream on Netflix. They can also catch some of their favorite cast members in newer projects, such as Matt LeBlanc, who stars in the CBS series Man with a Plan, which airs on the network on Mondays at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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