Colton Underwood Explains That Empty Ring Box From His ‘Bachelor’ Season

After months of speculation, The Bachelor fans finally know that Colton Underwood did find love with Cassie Randolph. It was a rocky journey, as viewers saw, and the two did not end up engaged. What about that scene shown in previews of Colton seemingly at a final rose ceremony holding a ring box? Underwood is now coming clean about how that footage came about.

Underwood explained to ET Online that The Bachelor crew filmed that with Colton solely to throw everybody off a bit. The footage never actually aired during an episode and was solely used in tantalizing sneak peeks.

“That was something we decided to do [to stir up speculation over the ending]… I like to troll a little bit on social media too, so I was all for the fun and games.”

The footage making it look like Underwood was about to propose to someone definitely got Bachelor fans buzzing. What caused even more of a stir was the realization that the ring box was empty. It seems likely that the show didn’t anticipate people noticing that tidbit. However, people did notice and both Colton and host Chris Harrison tried to explain it away as no big deal.

As the last couple of episodes of The Bachelor played out, fans speculated about several scenes that didn’t seem to make sense. Not only was the ring box footage confusing, especially to those who knew the supposed spoilers, but some other tidbits prompted curiosity too.

For example, there were scenes involving Cassie that were not shown earlier in the season before she quit, but that had been teased in previews. Tuesday night, everybody saw that footage as Underwood and Randolph had time together in Spain.

There was even speculation about both Cassie and Colton’s hairstyles in Tuesday’s episode in comparison to scenes before the reunion. Despite the ring box curiosity, however, it doesn’t seem like anything else was faked or staged for what was shown this season.

Colton didn’t share specifics about whether that ring box footage was filmed before or after Cassie balked and he realized there would be no final rose ceremony and engagement. However, given how calm and content he looked, it seems it may have been done before any of the craziness played out.

Refinery 29 notes that this topic came up in a conversation Underwood recently had with former Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe on her Off the Vine podcast. It sounded as if this might be the type of footage the crew creates regularly, just so they have plenty to work with down the road. When Colton’s season ended with no engagement and numerous spoilers emerged, it seems ABC decided to try to throw everybody off by incorporating some of this into the previews.

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood are already talking about getting engaged at some point, but it probably won’t happen in a fancy rose ceremony in front of television cameras. The Bachelor fans didn’t forget about that ring box scene and are questioning it across social media, but maybe now they can take what he’s revealed and keep that bit of editing trickery in mind for future seasons.

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