WWE Rumors: The Usos To Make History And Big Plans For Finn Balor At ‘WrestleMania 35’

WrestleMania 35 is shaping up to be quite a great event and it already looks very good on paper, but the card is far from done being built. As reported by The Inquisitr, there are two superstars having their final matches and all of WWE’s titles will be on line, but other records will be broken. The Usos are currently on pace to make history at the big event and big plans are in place for Finn Balor.

For Balor, everyone kind of thought that he was going to end up defending his newly won WWE Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 35. Well, that certainly isn’t going to happen as Bobby Lashley won the title back on Monday Night Raw after Balor held it for just a few weeks.

Fans were quite confused by this move, but it appears as if this title change was done for a reason. According to WrestleVotes, the title win and subsequent loss weren’t necessarily flukes but a way of seeing things as a change of plans for WWE.

It appears as if something is in the works for Balor at WrestleMania 35 per sources, but what? The WWE Intercontinental Title is often seen as the second biggest title right behind the WWE Championship and WWE Universal Championship which means taking it off of him might have him in the main event scene.

The rumor mill is always working hard, though, and Finn Balor is far from the only one involved in it right now.

The Usos are the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions after winning the titles from The Miz and Shane McMahon. This past weekend at Fastlane, Jimmy and Jey retained their titles in that rematch and won’t have to worry about that team any longer as they’ve since split up.

It’s quite possible that they will hold onto the belts at least until WrestleMania 35, and if they do, they’ll make history.

If The Usos do hold onto to the titles for the next month, they will go into WrestleMania as tag champs for the third year in a row. To know they are the first team to ever accomplish that feat is absolutely huge and puts them in unique company.

While no team has ever done that, The Usos are already in great company by entering Mania two years in a row as the champions. It’s not bad to be mentioned in the same breath as Money Inc. and the Dudley Boyz.

WrestleMania 35 is already on pace to be a big event, but it’s going to be interesting to see what comes from these rumors. It is very likely that The Usos will hold onto the titles for a few more weeks at least and hit that accomplishment. As for Finn Balor? WWE may have something big in store for him, but what could it be?

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