‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 10 Spoilers, Release Date: Vegeta, Son Goku, And Jiren Versus Core Area Warriors

Dragon Ball Heroes Universal Conflict Saga recently released a new episode where Son Goku, together with Daishinkan, appeared at Universe 11 to help Jiren the Gray, Toppo, Vegeta, and Trunks fight the Core Area Warriors. After training with Daishinkan, most people have noticed that Son Goku can finally use Ultra Instinct at his own will.

Son Goku easily defeated Oren and Evil Cumber and succeeded to free Vegeta from the enemy’s control. As of now, Dragon Ball fans must be wanting to see how powerful Son Goku becomes after being trained by the god who has one of the five highest battle powers in all the universes. So far, there is no specific date for the release of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10, but according to Comic Book, the official website confirmed that it will be available in April.

In the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, Son Goku is expected to test his power against Core Area Warriors leader Hearts, Zamasu, Evil Cumber, Oren, and Kamin. Dragon Ball fans will also be given the opportunity to witness Son Goku and Jiren fighting on the same side for the first time after almost killing each other in the Tournament of Power. However, Vegeta won’t let Son Goku and Jiren grab all the spotlight as he’s expected to take revenge against the Core Area Warriors for controlling his body.

As Comic Book noted, the title for Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 is “Counterattack! Fierce Attack! Goku and Vegeta!” The upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Heroes will feature the best fighters from Universe 7 and Universe 11 launching a counterattack against the Core Area Warriors.

“Utilizing Ultra Instinct Omen, Goku unleashes a fierce attack against the Core Area warriors. Having been caught off guard and absorbed by Oren before, Vegeta trembles in fury. Will they be able to stage a counterattack against these limitless foes?”

Vegeta may not be on the level of Jiren and Son Goku, but he’s not someone that Core Area Warriors can underestimate. Despite his inability to use Ultra Instinct like Son Goku, Vegeta can grow very powerful when he’s angry. It’s intriguing to see how the Core Area Warriors plan to fight three of the strongest mortals in all the universes.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 could finally show Core Area Warriors leader Hearts engaging in a fight. When he saw Son Goku’s Ultra Instinct, it’s very noticeable that Hearts remained calm, showing how confident he is that they can accomplish their goal to kill Zeno-sama and rule the entire world, even with strong opponents blocking their way.

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