5 Ways The New ‘Aladdin’ Movie Differs From The Original

The Walt Disney Company is remaking many of its animated classics into live-action films for a variety of reasons. Of course, there is money to be made and what business wouldn’t want to do that? Looking at the fans, though, new versions of these iconic films can give different generations their own version of a classic. That being said, it’s time to check out how Disney’s new Aladdin differs from the original film.

On Tuesday morning, Disney (and Will Smith’s YouTube) officially released the first full-length trailer for the live-action version of Aladdin. This trailer gave fans a much deeper look at what is to come and how it is similar to the animated hit, but not exactly the same and that’s not a bad thing.

People are going to pick it apart just as they have with Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Dumbo. It seems only right to see the five big differences, so far, between the animated version and live-action version of Aladdin.

The Music – New songs and classic changes

For the most part, many of the original tunes are going to in the live-action version and that’s a good thing since the soundtrack was phenomenal. Two new songs will be added to the 2019 film with a solo for Jasmine and a new duet written by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek with help from Disney genius Alan Menken.

“Arabian Nights” is returning for this movie and it will have at least one new verse which will likely make it more politically correct.

Don’t worry. “A Whole New World” made the cut for the new Aladdin, and you can even hear portions of it in the new trailer. Don’t you trust me?

New characters that weren’t in the 1992 animated film

While it’s true that the majority of the story is going to be the same from animated to live-action, there will be some small changes here and there. Director Guy Ritchie has confirmed that there will be at least three new characters included in Aladdin.

  • Prince Anders (Billy Magnussen) – A suitor for Jasmine
  • Hakim (Numan Acar) – Head of the palace guards and henchman of Jafar
  • Dalia (Nasim Pedrad) – Close friend and handmaiden of Jasmine

There’s something off about Jafar

The TV spots and teasers were impressive, but the full-length trailer really comforted a lot of fans who were cautious about accepting the new Aladdin. While the new trailer helped ease some of their fears, many are still skeptical of Jafar who is played by Marwan Kenzari, and it may be hard to catch on.

Some people have had issues with his voice. Others have thought he was much too young to pull off the true creepiness of Jafar. A number of people feel as if he isn’t quite menacing enough.

At this point, everyone needs to give him a chance because Kenzari may end up being just as evil and snake-like as possible.

Animated to Live-Action

This one is blatantly obvious, but it’s something that needs to be addressed because it is an absolutely huge change. There will be some things that simply aren’t possible in live-action as opposed to animation and that’s even with the wonders of CGI.

When looking at what was done with Beauty and the Beast, though, Disney is truly able to pull off some amazing magic when it comes to these remakes. One thing that is going to be a true test is the final battle when Jafar and Genie go all-out in their test at being the most powerful being in the universe.

New cast and that especially means Will Smith as Genie

When Disney first announced they were going to do a live-action version of Aladdin, most of the hardcore fans spoke out against it for one reason and one big reason only – Genie. It’s hard to think that anyone could pull off that role better than the late Robin Williams, but Smith may not be trying to do it better.

Perhaps, Smith is just trying to do it the right way and different.


Just as in Cinderella and some of the other remakes, there will be different actors in the roles of most of the characters. Robin Williams may have been asked to take on the part of Genie if he was still with us, but Disney may have also gone with Smith if that was even the case.

The live-action Aladdin is the same film as the animated classic, but it truly isn’t and isn’t trying to be. Fans need to realize that it’s going to be similar but it has no choice to be altered and these five differences are sure to be joined by many more. One thing about this and the other live-action remakes is that they won’t tarnish the legend of the original film if you don’t like them. People have the right to make their choice and they can like just the original, like just the new one, or like both.

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