Former Navy SEAL Shows Chris Evans His Captain America Inspired Glass Eye

Republican Representative for Texas Dan Crenshaw is also a former Navy SEAL. After serving two tours, he suffered a major loss while deployed for the third time in Afghanistan. When his convoy hit an IED, Crenshaw was injured in the blast, and ultimately lost his right eye.

In true hero style, Crenshaw was deployed a further two times after recovering otherwise from the explosion, before eventually retiring in 2016 for medical reasons.

Crenshaw may have had some rather good inspiration for returning to duty despite the loss of his eye, as he revealed on Friday last week. While meeting with actor Chris Evans, who is best known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Crenshaw revealed what he had done about losing his eye.

According to CNN, Crenshaw decided to show Evans his handiwork, revealing that his glass eye has been inspired by the hero Evans portrays!

His glass eye is decorated with the easily recognizable shield of Captain America, with the white star in the center and the red, white, and blue concentric circles around it.

Crenshaw took to Twitter to share a photo after he met Evans, showing off his eye as well as the actor’s apparent reaction to the cool reveal.

Evans later retweeted the post with a response.

“A VERY cool use of vibranium.”

The actor was in Washington last week meeting with lawmakers about a number of issues close to his heart, including education, workforce development, and criminal justice reform. Crenshaw was not the only representative he met with, also rubbing shoulders with Rep. Tim Scott of South Carolina and Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia.

After Scott confirmed their meeting on Twitter and joking that neither of them had “turned to dust” during the encounter, Evans replied to the representative, hinting that he had spilled some of the beans of the much anticipated Avengers: Endgame film due to hit theaters at the end of April.

“Honor to meet you, sir. Thank you for taking the time. And if you repeat the secrets I told you about Endgame, Marvel will make sure we BOTH turn to dust.”

Of course, Evans will be appearing in the new film, but it will be his last in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having confirmed as much with a tweet last year on his final day of filming. His fate is not yet known (many fans are hoping Steve Rogers will simply retire, not die) but he is not the only hero who is rumored to be leaving after this fourth installment of the Avengers.

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