‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Stands Up For Her Co-Star Mandy Moore

Chrissy Metz, who stood by her fellow This is Us star Mandy Moore while Moore was feuding with another cast member, seems to have ended the seasons-long duel between Moore and Milo Ventimiglia. While Moore and Ventimiglia play a married couple tied together in a chaotic relationship that is full of arguments and quarrels, their relationship off-screen, minus the marriage of course, was also tumultuous. However, it seems Chrissy Metz, who plays their daughter on the show, has found a way to throw water over the fire and put an end to the quarreling between Moore and Ventimiglia.

The reason for the source of Moore and Ventimiglia’s quarrel appears to be some special treatment Ventimiglia received and that Moore did not.

“The feud started because Milo was basically handed his role by producers while Mandy had to test and audition and fight for hers. Milo had a much easier road, and Mandy resented it,” a source said, according to Radar Online.

So, since the start of the show, This is Us, Moore and Ventimiglia haven’t gotten along well, although it hasn’t seemed to have affected their performance on-screen. After all, they play a married couple that has difficulties agreeing on much of anything. However, fellow co-stars like Metz always hoped for a happier relationship between Moore and Ventimiglia, and thanks to Metz, it appears that is now the case for the show’s cast and crew.

“Chrissy reminded them success is a group effort, and to stop bickering and be nice,” a source said, according to Radar Online.

Metz also recently stood by Moore’s decision to come out to the public about what had happened in Moore’s relationship with her ex-husband Ryan Adams. Moore and six other women who had been in relationships with him spoke to the New York Times and described Adams as psychologically abusive. After the article was published, Ryan did tweet an apology but also called the accusations from the group of women inaccurate.

“Mandy handles everything with such grace… we didn’t even know she was going through it until we knew the article was coming out. She just said I have to talk about it and I thought, ‘Oh wow, if she can talk about it, it’s going to help so many other people talk about things that are really difficult… She is completely supported and loved, she is a tough cookie,” Metz said, according to Extra.

Metz seems to be in Moore’s corner for the long haul, and Metz gives Moore plenty of credit for sharing her story about her psychologically abusive ex-husband in an attempt to help other women.

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