‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Chris Harrison Teases Candidate List, Echoes Showrunner Mike Fleiss’ Picks

In addition to seeing how Colton Underwood’s season ends with Tuesday night’s The Bachelor finale, viewers will also find out who ABC chose to be the next Bachelorette lead. A lot of spoilers have already been swirling around about this and host Chris Harrison shared some teasers in his latest interview.

As The Inquisitr recently shared, show creator Mike Fleiss took to Twitter a few days ago to tease the supposed candidate list. He said they talked with five women and it was pretty clear his hints pointed to Hannah Godwin, Hannah Brown, Tayshia Adams, Demi Burnett, and Caelynn Miller-Keyes as those possible leads.

In talking with Good Morning America on Tuesday morning, Chris did share a Bachelorette spoiler about the candidate list. He followed suit with what Fleiss had tweeted, saying that there were five candidates on their list. He didn’t go with semi-vague hints though. Instead, Harrison specifically named the two Hannahs, Caelynn, Demi, and Tayshia and promised that their pick was one of those ladies.

Of course, spoiler guru Reality Steve has already shared what he’s learned. The Inquisitr detailed that Brown supposedly snagged the gig and there have even been reports of her filming introductory footage. While this didn’t convince everybody that Hannah would be the next Bachelorette for certain, it does look as if she’ll be officially confirmed Tuesday night.

Why did the show go with Brown over anybody else in the group? Timing may have played an important role. With the way Colton’s season played out, neither Godwin or Adams were able to participate in the “Women Tell All” special, and that special tends to highlight the frontrunner for the next season’s lead spot.

Also, noted The Inquisitr, Godwin may have just been too drama-free to remain on the network’s radar. Some might speculate that had the decision been made after Monday night’s episode aired so producers could see the fan reaction to Hannah’s elimination, they may have reconsidered.

As much as fans love Godwin, she seems to still be working through the hurt of her elimination, and that has been the case for Miller-Keyes as well. It may well be that neither Hannah or Caelynn was ready to become The Bachelorette, although it’s not clear if producers even asked.

A fair number of fans were rooting for Tayshia to get the gig too, and there doesn’t necessarily seem to be any obvious reason why Hannah got it over her. It does seem safe to say that Adams, Godwin, and Miller-Keyes are all virtually guaranteed spots on the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise cast if they want them though.

Will Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph have positive updates to share with fans in Tuesday’s The Bachelor finale? Will Hannah Brown be the next Bachelorette as spoilers detail? Fans have a lot to look forward to in this finale and everybody will be buzzing about what goes down.

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