‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera Committed To Behavioral Facility

Bam Margera, the troubled former star of Jackass, Viva La Bam, and other reality shows, has been committed by his friends and family to a behavioral health facility, per TMZ. The decision, which was reportedly not voluntary on Bam’s part, came days after Margera had what was described as a “meltdown” in which he threatened his manager at a New York City comedy club, where Margera had been scheduled to perform that night.

The former professional skater went to rehab for addiction around New Year’s Day but checked out after just 10 days, per CNN. Per a post on Instagram at the time, Margera said that it was his third stint in rehab, but he ended up leaving because he was bored.

Margera, who turns 40 this year, was first known as a professional skater before hooking up first with the CKY crew and later joining the cast of Jackass, with which he stayed through its MTV run and later in all three of the theatrical movies. He later starred in a popular spinoff called Viva La Bam as well as other MTV shows. Margera also appeared with his mother, April, on the reality series Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn in 2010.

Kelly Margera, Bam’s sister-in-law, posted the Serenity Prayer, a prayer associated with Alcoholics Anonymous, to her Instagram page on Monday. In addition, she addressed “everyone with an opinion, judgment, insult, article, plea and concern.”

“Addiction is a scary and complicated disease. A family disease. Giving and receiving help is a process that is not always easy to navigate.”

In the years since his shows stopped, Margera has had a rough go of things on various fronts. He had to deal with the death of his best friend and co-star Ryan Dunn in a 2011 car accident, a divorce from his first wife, and later his addiction woes. He admitted in a 2017 interview with Vice that he has long battled both alcoholism and the eating disorder bulimia, with the latter growing out of a Jackass stunt in which Margera learned how to vomit on command.

Another former Jackass star, the performer known as Steve-O, posted to Instagram this week that he is celebrating his 11th anniversary of sobriety.

“Eleven years clean and sober today, and I couldn’t be more grateful…” the 44-year-old actor and stuntman said in the social post. “Thanks to everyone who wished me a ‘happy birthday!’ #SoberSelfie.”

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