‘Storage Wars’ Star Darrell Sheets Hospitalized Following Heart Attack

Storage Wars star Darrell Sheets is currently in the hospital after suffering from a heart attack.

According to People Magazine, Darrell Sheets took to his Instagram account this week to reveal to all of his Storage Wars fans that he suffered a heart attack after not feeling well for months.

“Well here we go I wasn’t going to say anything, but you all have been the greatest friends and fans. I’ve been very sick for 3 months and two nights ago I had a mild heart attack, found out I have congestive heart failure and a severe issue going on with my lung. All your prayers would be deeply appreciated thank you for being there for me it’s been a great ride #storagewars. Romney has been by my side through all of this she is a good women and I love her,” he posted to social media on Tuesday.

Sheets, who is known as “the gambler” of the Storage Wars family, revealed that he would be having surgery, but did not say when that surgery would take place.

Fans know Darrell as one of the biggest personalities on the A&E reality series, which follows him and a group of others who buy abandoned storage lockers for the treasures that they might possess.

Darrell Sheets’ son, Brandon, has appeared on the show with him, as the two look to find something valuable amid the junk.

During his 32 years of buying old storage lockers, Darrell says he has found four Picassos and the world’s most lucrative comic book collection due to the auctions.

According to his bio on the A&E website, Sheets claims that after decades in the business, he no longer collects the things that he finds.

“The only thing I collect these days is dead presidents,” Darrell claims, as he has based his business on “low volume, no overhead, and high value.”

Sheets stars alongside other bargain hunters such as Dave Hester, Barry Weiss, Jarrod Schulz, and Brandi Passante.

TV Overmind reveals that Darrell once found a locker valued at $300,000, which included pieces of art by Frank Guttierez, making it the single most valuable locker that the Storage Wars gang has ever found.

Hollywood Mask reports that Sheets’ net worth to be about $4.5 million with annual earnings at about $300,000 a year.

Before his heart attack, Darrell Sheets had reportedly dropped 118 pounds by using Nutrisystem, claiming that he had been making bad choices and eating too many cheeseburgers.

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