Are Reality Steve’s ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Still Missing Something? Fans Question Shot From Extended Preview

Tuesday night, The Bachelor fans will finally see how Colton Underwood’s season ends. There have been big twists and turns along the way, and those behind the show tease that there are more shockers ahead. Spoiler king Reality Steve has been dishing out details about what supposedly goes down, but he acknowledged last night that he got one tidbit wrong. Now, some fans are wondering if there are other fairly significant aspects he may have also gotten wrong.

As The Inquisitr detailed Monday night, Reality Steve took to Twitter to note that one Bachelor spoiler he’d shared was incorrect. He’s said that Colton would fly back to California, to essentially chase Cassie, trying to convince her to give their relationship another shot. As viewers saw in the sneak peek for Tuesday’s finale, it would appear that Underwood makes contact with Randolph in Portugal, not back in the U.S.

Not everybody is convinced that Cassie is behind that door which Colton knocks on, and Bachelor spoilers have hinted that there’s still a lot of ground to cover. By the looks of things, Cassie and Colton are together and are dating. However, teasers hint that there may be some additional surprises that play out before everything is said and done.

One tidbit that has spoiler fans buzzing is a quick shot that was included in the initial extended preview. As TV Shows Ace notes, there was a shot in that extended preview showing Cassie hugging Colton as he held her in his arms. The two are on a cliff, overlooking the water. So far this season, that hasn’t happened.

What’s the big deal about that one shot? If Bachelor spoiler fans are correct, it’s the fact that the cliff in question seems to be located in Mallorca, Spain. Reality Steve had spoiled during filming that Underwood’s final rose ceremony was set to be filmed in Spain. However, based on what he later learned, he believed that filming never ended up taking place there.

As a post on Reddit shows, people have matched up that shot — one where Randolph and Underwood were seen embracing — with a spot in Mallorca. Whether this scene is included in Tuesday’s finale or not, this revelation sparks some questions. When were Cassie and Colton in Mallorca, and what impact does it have on Reality Steve’s spoilers?

It’s worth noting that this shot of Cassie and Colton shows them in casual clothes, not fancy final rose ceremony attire. Some fans are saying that perhaps Underwood wins Randolph back during this visit to Portugal, and then the duo head to Spain — as was originally planned.

Despite the fact that Cassie is the only one left, they may have a final date, spend time with his family, and essentially celebrate their reunion in Mallorca rather than in Portugal. Will there be a final rose ceremony where Underwood basically asks Randolph to commit to seeing where their relationship heads? It seems possible, but viewers will have to see what happens Tuesday night.

Even if this is what happens next — meaning that Reality Steve seemingly still missed a few details — it does still appear that his overall spoilers are likely still accurate. There is a lot of uncertainty at this point, even among Bachelor spoiler fans, and everybody will be anxious to see exactly what goes down during the last couple of hours of Colton Underwood’s season.

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