Kim Kardashian Teases Release Of New Sunglasses Using An Army Of Look-alikes

Kim Kardashian has partnered with eyewear fashion brand Carolina Lemke Berlin to produce a new line of sunglasses, and she employed an army of look-alikes to tease the upcoming release.

The intriguing ad dropped on Kardashian’s Instagram Monday. It shows a group of women who very strongly resemble Kardashian modeling the new sunglasses in different outfits.

Fans in the comments were excited about the upcoming release and had a lot of positive feedback about the photo shoot; there were also a few cracks about the Matrix.

According to an article by Vogue, news of the Kim Kardashian West Collection for Carolina Lemke dropped in early February. The previously unfamiliar company based in Israel achieved global fame after the partnership with the reality television star.

The article further states that this won’t be the only release by the company. Since Kardashian became a partner with the company, she intends to release more products throughout the year.

The new line of sunglasses is said to be made entirely “from scratch” with each element of the design being thought over and chosen carefully to provide a quality product.

Kardashian says she met the company owners through a mutual friend, and the decision to partner with them happened over dinner.

“We were all having dinner one night and met some of the owners, and it was just so organic. We were talking about how they should launch in the U.S. because they hadn’t done that yet, and we all loved the idea [of a collaboration], so it just magically came together.”

Her interest in partnering with the company was based on their ability to produce high-quality glasses and low prices when compared to other high-end brands. Kardashian says she has been a little disturbed by how expensive glasses have become considering how easy it is to lose or scratch them.

In fact, the new line of sunglasses in the Kim Kardashian West Collection will all be sold for under $100 and come in varying styles like big shield, sport, and ’90s.

Kardashian says she personally likes the bigger shield style, and the process of designing the new glasses was a lot of fun for her.

The glasses were also designed to fit Kardashian’s face perfectly. Designers used a mold of her face and followed that mold in all of the designs.

She also reveals that she has worn some of the styles a few times already in public to get feedback on the design and style without revealing what she was wearing.

While the glasses won’t be available until April 3, preorders are available until the end of March.

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