Fans Slam ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood On Twitter For ‘Chasing’ Cassie

Fans are none too happy with The Bachelor star Colton Underwood and have taken to Twitter to react to his “chase” of Cassie Randolph, who left him heartbroken on the upcoming Season 23 finale of the ABC series.

Underwood revealed to finalists Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin that although he cared for them both very much and loved his experiences and relationships with them, it was Cassie who had won his heart and he would do whatever it took to win her back.

Cassie famously ditched Underwood just short of the finale, revealing that she couldn’t commit to him in the way he wanted. The lingering questions she had about their relationship led her to her abrupt exit from the series. Her father’s interference in the situation also pushed her hand, as she said goodbye to Underwood and her Bachelor experience.

Underwood couldn’t get Cassie off of his mind, ending both of his relationships with Tayshia and Hannah G. before the show’s iconic final rose ceremony so he could chase Cassie and declare his love and his need for another chance to show her how his passion for her was real.

Fans of the show took to Twitter in droves to voice their unhappiness at Underwood aborting two good relationships for one uncertain future.

One Twitter user stated, “She literally said she don’t want to be with you. Weird flex, but go off…” Another remarked, “I still don’t understand why he’s so obsessed with this girl who said she couldn’t wait to get back to her friends and family…really?”

Two other fans put it all into perspective with their feeling that if this were a movie script, ABC couldn’t have written the plot for this season any better. One remarked, “I’m still just as confused as to why Cassie was still there? The other 2 girls left right away, yet Cassie never left after her goodbye? It’s odd to me.”

Another noted, “I think it’s his Dad’s room. They did show the Dad in the previews. And why was Cassie still there? Thought she was already long gone.”

Tonight’s Bachelor finale is the first time there will be no rose ceremony, no decision between women, and most of all, the most uncertain of all endings. Although it has been rumored that in the end, Underwood ends up with Cassie, the twists and turns of their complicated road to a relationship will surely keep viewers of The Bachelor on the edge of their seats.

The Bachelor finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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